Helsinki Goes Quiet

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Over the course of the last week, we've been trying to speak to members of the Helsinki Titans to get their thoughts on their lackluster start to the season. Thus far, not a single player has been willing to speak with us.


At the time of writing this article, the Titans are only ahead of one team- the tanking Dynamo in Davos. Helsinki, however, was ready to make their push as a playoff contender this year after sweeping the free agent market in the offseason. Mats Johnsson and Keaton Louth, two names that might start showing up on Hall of Fame ballots in the future, both agreed to spend their last season in Helsinki to help propel their young team to a relevant position. However, things have taken a turn for the worse.


As of now, Helsinki has only allowed 3 fewer goals than the last place Dynamo, and are 3rd to last in goals for. Nothing seems to be working for this young team, which is a shame considering the buzz around their supposedly successful rebuild.


while some players are still playing well despite the slump, other expected stars have taken a massive beating this season. Rookie Kronos Bailey has scored only 7 points in 17 games, a poor showing considering that Helsinki is trying to look to him as their 1C. Goaltender Alexander Pepper has been more than struggling- his few strong games have come against a tanking Davos team, and even those performances weren't enough to save his stat line. With only a .907 save% and a 3.19 GAA, Pepper's supposed "prime" is being halted with a harsh dose of reality.


In reaction, the team has gone silent in terms of the media. Player interviews are impossible to schedule, and the team has been instructed to stay off of social media. It's crunch time in Helsinki, and only time will tell if the dying Titans will resurrect in time to save their season.

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