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As part of our renewed recruitment effort, we used to get people to post on websites. Of course in doing so you're also helping the league to grow and expand, as well as giving yourself a chance at some recruitment rewards. Ill be posting a Link to each weeks Reddit post with @Stoffiday and @Spade18 help. With the one reddit at a time it gives us a better look and more passive recruitment.


You can claim 1 uncapped TPE if they UPVOTE and or comment on the weekly Reddit post.



- Upvote and or Comment to earn the one TPE.

- Give your honest take on the league in the comments.

- You can not back cap this TPE even if the ads are still live its a Sunday to Sunday event.

- Post done in the below thread with the sub-reddit its posted too. (example: Done Tampa Bay Lightning)

- These might not be week to week and some might be posted on Fridays instead of Mondays.

- If any rules are not followed the Updaters can deny your update

*Rules may be edited later.






Your first Link is above!

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