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It's Gritty

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Full Name: Gritty
Position: C
Age: 19
Height (inches): 6'3"
Weight (lbs.): 197 lbs
Birthplace:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Despite only becoming a mascot a few moons ago, Gritty is already without a doubt the greatest mascot in the history of history. However, Gritty got bored of just being a mascot, and decided to take his hockey talents to an alternative league in the VHL. Read on to figure out how the greatest thing since sliced bread came to be. 


Early Life

 Gritty was born in a tragic accident involving two unknown NHL mascots and a hot dog launcher. It is rumored the first thing he picked up was a hockey stick, but instead of using it to hit pucks, he most enjoyed hitting people with it. Gritty's wild imagination and play with hockey sticks resulted in multiple pre-schools kicking Gritty out of their daycare, as parents complained when Gritty gave their children a black eye. After being banned from his fifth straight preschool, Gritty saw the disappointment in his parents eyes and vowed to himself that he would always be a team-player who placed others above himself, hence honoring his surname, Gritty. 


Image result for gritty pictures with hockey stick

This smart kid put on the pads when he saw Gritty with the hockey stick


As Gritty continued to grow up, he had trouble making friends due to his unique appearance. The only time Gritty truly felt at peace was on the hockey rink, and his parents happily obliged, as it meant the coach could babysit their little terror for a few hours. Gritty was a star for the Philadelphia Little Quakers in middle school, as he led the team in points by a large margin, and the coach appreciated all the hard work he put in on and off the ice. The only problem with Gritty was his anger management, as he by far lead the team in penalty minutes, with opposing middle schoolers getting under his skin with yo mamma jokes, making fun of his shot in Fortnite, and yelling dank memes at him. 


High School


Gritty remained a hockey star in high school, as he played for the German High School Patriots, becoming team captain in only his Sophomore year due to his grit and determination. Gritty was by far good enough to develop in the Canadian Hockey League system, but visa issues due to him being a mascot rather than a person stopped this from ever occurring. Instead, Gritty got to dominate a lot of little high school punks. If you have ever seen Gritty play with the mites on ice at a Flyers game, that is essentially what it was like for him, as no one else on the ice could match his physicality. However, this dominance is actually a detriment to Gritty's current game now, as he is used to just being much larger and faster than everyone else versus being a technician who is great with the puck on his stick. 


At this point in his life, Gritty was already a great mascot, but his heart remained in being a hockey player as well. Due to being a mascot in the NHL, Gritty knew that would not be a possibility for him, so he instead decided to bless the superior VHL with his presence.  On November 20th, 2018, Gritty officially declared himself a free agent in the VHLM, and would soon make a decision on which team to sign with and begin his VHL career. 


Entry to the VHLM


24 hours after his declaration for the VHLM, only one team officially made Gritty an offer, making his decision simple, as he signed with the Ottawa Lynx. The Halifax 21st also unofficially made Gritty an offer, but it appears that was a mixup with their fax machines, because fax machines are still a thing in 2019 for some reason. Gritty did not have much of an impact on the Lynx last season, as he only managed a few points. However, his leadership on the ice helped Ottawa become a surprise cup-contender, as they made it all the way to the finals before eventually losing.  


Gritty evidently made a positive impression on the Ottawa Lynx GM, as he was selected by them in the third round of the S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft. Gritty has turned into a third-round steal for the Lynx, as he is already at 125 tpe in this young season, and will surely hit the tpe cap by the time playoffs roll around. Gritty is also among the team leaders in points for the Lynx, and is currently playing on Ottawa's second line, with a shot to be on the first line by the time the season is over.




A lot of factors contributed to getting Gritty where he is today. He was emotionally impacted by his preschool troubles, and vowed to himself to always be a team player after seeing how sad his parents were during those transgressions. Throughout his young life, Gritty has used hockey as an outlet to go through his frustrations, and all his time on the ice shows as he is one of the strongest and fastest out there at all times. Unfortunately, Gritty never had great coaching due to being unable to join any Canadian developmental leagues, leaving his puck handling and shooting skills lackluster. Gritty has vowed to become a much better puck handler, as he works on it a ton in practice now, and has read articles on how puck handling is one of the most important traits for players to score points. It will be interesting to see where Gritty is drafted in the S65 VHL Draft, as many past players from the Eaglesfan agency have fizzled out and been busts. However, the Eaglesfan agency once created solid and reliable players such as Tim TebowGow and RGIII, and there is a chance this happens again with Gritty. I would be shocked if he is not selected in the 1st round, as he currently has the 6th most tpe in his draft class, and will use his grit and determination to rise up the ranks. 


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