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Golden one is also the lucky one

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Last year ended in a positive way, 3 TPE uncapped and Free Week (6TPE) from the lottery - not a big deal.  People in Quebec were naturally jealous that I managed to bring home awards like that, I tried to be cool and offered to sign some things for them like I normally do when I enter the locker room, but this time the vibe was different. They realized how much easier the ongoing week will be for me, so instead of being happy for me and offering something fun for me to sign - Beau Louth asked if I could sign his ass cheeks, rude in my opinion, so I refused.


It´s not often that I win something from the lottery if I´m not mistaken, these two wins are the first time I have won anything from the VHL lottery - ever! Just goes to show that good things happen to good people, I have tried to help everybody in Quebec ever since I joined the team, I have carried the heavy load of being the savior of Quebec on my shoulders for three years soon, about time all of my efforts and dedication to Quebec, but also to the VHL and fans of hockey is rewarded big time. I can only hope I don´t have to wait too long for winning something again, I highly recommend everybody to take part in the lottery, the feeling when you win is special!



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