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S63 All-VHLM Teams

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One of these days we'll post these on time, I promise!


All-VHLM First Team - May Claim 2 Uncapped TPE


F - Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax

F - Chance Matthews @DaftRaincloud

F - Jorgon Weyed @Joubo

D - Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15

D - Piotr Jerwa @majesiu

G - Rhett Stoffiday @Stoffiday


All-VHLM Second Team - May Claim 1 Uncapped TPE


F - Nathan Mackinnon @bagelbitesisbae

F - Rylan Peace @Peace

F - Nikita Flipachyev @Arayvenn

D - Toby Fitzgerald @JohnnyT_77

D - Burnt Toast @Toast

G - Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden


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9 hours ago, diamond_ace said:

Not to knock my own team's player, but given that Matthews is inactive, I feel like maybe Peace should have gotten the 1st team spot?


I appreciate the support! Felt like Peace was knocked down all season long. I never actually expected anything after the award ceremony. 

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