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Analyzing every VHLM team a third into the season

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Now that we are at the 24 game mark, the standings are starting to shape out and the teams have already made some big moves preparing for what are going to be some very very competitive playoffs. Let’s analyze every team.


:veg: Las Vegas Aces :veg:

Without a doubt the best and the hottest team right now. With a 18-4-2 record they are sitting at the 1st seed comfortably.

They have recently acquired Curtis Gary from Saskatoon in an exchange of picks and that solidifies them as the deepest team in the league. Their first line of forwards amasses an astounding total of 574 TPE, with Gary, Bailie and Nathan. But, more impressively although it seems hard to do, is their second line, amassing 400 TPE, while the average 2nd line of the other top4 teams is about 300 TPE.

If we could highlight a weak spot, would be their defense, although the league is lacking quality defenseman.

Overall, LVA is going to be the team to beat this playoffs and looks like the clear contender


:osl: Oslo Storm :osl:

The team that was supposed to be the top1 coming into this draft, now sitting at the 3rd seed after a rough start to the season. They were struggling hard against the top teams winning only 1 game out of their first 10 games against the other top3 teams. However they have won their last 2 against Halifax and Ottawa.

The Storm’s top line falls behind to only the Aces top line, but statistically Carles, Diljodh and Sven are performing better. They also have the best D pairing in the league, with Jones and Philliefan.

That looks very good, why do they struggle so much against top teams then? They are lacking depth. Schaefer, a guy who has only 30 TPE, is playing 20 minutes a game and has scored only 3 points so far. Their goalie situation is also somewhat compromised, having the worst goalie out of the 4 top teams.

With that said, Oslo Storm is going to be the team to look out for, as they start to catch some form, they could also make a move to acquire some depth and be a very serious contender.


:ott: Ottawa Lynx :ott:

A team that a lot of people was sleeping coming into this season and that not many people were expecting them to be on top, but they have managed to pull together a really promising team. However, they have been struggling a little bit in their last few games and are now sitting in the 4th seed with a 12-8-4 record.

On paper they have a team that is almost on par with the Storm’s team, but they are lacking a star center, although Gritty has been developing at a good rate and could eventually become that star C the Lynx are lacking. Their depth situation is better than the Storm’s, and they have the best Dman prospect for the S65 draft, Smitty, who is playing phenomenally. Their goalie situation is very solid too, having the best goalie in the league, JB Rift.

The Lynx may be sitting at the 4th seed at the moment, but by the end they should probably be top3 at least and will be a very real threat for the upcoming playoffs.


image.png.a8a19e427c90a59234c1af04d02cf600.pngHalifax 21stimage.png.a8a19e427c90a59234c1af04d02cf600.png

When you take a look at their roster, they should be the worst team out of the top4, however, there they are, sitting currently at the 2nd seed with a really solid 14-5-5 record, netting them a 5 point advantage over the Storm.

With John Madden as their star player and Nathan MacKinnon, a really solid VHLM veteran, they are a team that could make some damage in the playoffs. They have recently acquired Anton Edvin, one of the top performers of the season and someone who will be staying for next year.

The 21st, while they might not be a clear contender, are a team to fear and could be a very dangerous first round match-up. They should, however, try to look into solidifying their Dman situation, as their 2nd pairing lacks a little bit.



Now that we’ve taken a look into the top4 teams, we are going to talk a little bit about the bottom feeders, the Wild and the Rush who were both in the finals last year


:ssk: Saskatoon Wild :ssk:

With their recent moves sending away Gary and Edvin, it has become really obvious that Saskatoon is selling and marking this season as done. They have acquired some draft picks that could put them at a contender position next year and I’m sure they are happy with their season.

This season was never supposed to be a good one for the Wild as they had used some assets to acquire players last year, which seeing as they won the Founder’s Cup, was a really good decision. Left in their roster is Burnt Toast, a Dman who hasn’t developed much but is racking up points, and the upcoming goalie prospect Justin Cole, who has been putting in work lately.


:yuk: Yukon Rush :yuk:

The worst team in the league. Nobody expected Yukon to be good this year and they aren’t pulling any surprises either. However, they have some players who could be flipped for assets to contend next year.

BB Nat, the VHLM veteran, is a 76 TPE Dman who puts up decent numbers every year, and in a league lacking Defenseman, could be a valuable asset.

In the wing position, they have Jessy and Athanasios, good players who would be really great in a 2nd line role, but teams are somewhat stacked at that position.



Final analysis

Overall, we have a very clear top 4 who will most likely the teams that we will see in the semifinals. Left to decide is if some team will be able to compete against LVA, the best team in the league right now. The 21st, Storm and Lynx will all have to compete to make some last-minute roster moves to put their team at the Vegas level if they want a shot at the Founder’s Cup.

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@Eudaldkp nice job! Way to set the tone as the most intense part of the season begins, when all the teams have to show who is for real and who isn't. I know I'm pumped! Can't wait for the next game against Oslo. The matchup there is pretty close so far. You've been our biggest rivals this season.

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