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Scead Simmons

(S65) C - Scead Simmons, TPE: 30

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Welcome in the league, @Scead Simmons


If you need any help getting started, there's a channel dedicated to helping newer members in the VHL Discord where veterans can answer every question you have or help you in any way you need. Or you could just send me a PM on here or ask your questions in this thread. VHLM GMs will come in this thread and offer you contracts to play for their team for the rest of the season. All contracts offer will be for $1,500,000. I suggest you take your time before finally accepting an offer. Think about what's best for your player.

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@Scead Simmons


Welcome to the VHL!  

I am the acting general manager of the Saskatoon Wild. 

We have a ton of roster spots available, so we could slot you in as our top centre if you'd like. However, I'm open with potential members, we're not a very competitive team this season. We recently traded away our top offensive assets so our latest wins have been on the back of our goaltender ( @WhiteMocha ). If you'd like a ton of ice time, we're the right team for you! However, if you'd rather hold out for offers from better teams I totally understand. 

Good luck with your players career! 

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