I'm Pink Now!

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So I figured @Quik would make a formal announcement, but since he just gave my name a new color and dipped ( 👀 ), I guess I should make a post to explain!


So I've joined the recruitment team to help out @McWolf with some of the VHLM tasks. Mostly, this will consist of making sure the VHLM newsletter gets posted every week, making sure there are press conference questions for VHLMers to answer, and keeping the rookie draft rankings up to date.


Since I'm more on the player retention side of things, I'm also going to try and be the person to go to if anyone has questions about the league, or even comments on how we can improve it. Going to do my best to be a good figure for newcomers on the site!


That being said, I'm going to have my first newsletter posted either tonight or tomorrow (since we haven't put one up in a good while), and will try to get it posted every Monday or Tuesday from now on. Since trivia help was always the most helpful part of the newsletter to me, back when @Tagger was running it, I want to make sure all of the newer members know where to find a lot of the historical information, if they ever need it. That's where I learned a lot about site navigation, so I want to give everyone plenty of time to see the newsletter and submit their trivia answers before the deadline.


Enough of my rambling though, time to get started :) 

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Just now, Trifecta said:

Recruitment is more of a light red and not pink


Quik called it pink, and I know better than to question the word of my GM and my boss


If he tells me to jump...

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