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Bread Sandwich, Part II

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As Marvin Harding stood there, eyes slighted at the realization that Pennypenny was in fact the culprit in the mess, the world stirred, light giving way to darkness and the floor crumbling beneath the muffin shop. Muffin man’s tears dissipated to polychromatic pixels strewn away from his body before he, too, faded away in a similar fashion. Eventually the only ground left to stand on was that under Harding’s feet, the rest of the world engulfed in nothingness, wind swirling in every direction.


“Show yourself!” Harding shouted to the ether.


“If it is I you truly seek,” a harrowing voice boomed back to the hockey player. “then you must run to every end of this mortal plane, to procure the ultimate truth in the face of my unending presence!”


“Fuck you dude!” Marvin responded before the ground underneath his feet gave way. At this point it was only the gusts that influenced his position, as he fell for what felt like an eternity, no discernable difference in where he was or what was surrounding him. Finally, a rift appeared through the nothing, shining brighter than anything ever seen before. It appeared as if Marvin would fall beside the rift, until one more powerful blow changed his course to enter the portal. Through the rip, Harding fell at mach speed until he realized he was back in the world as he knew it, on a collision course with flat, barren ground. His impact was so great it created a crater the size of New Hampshire. There, an unconscious Marvin Harding rested, looking lifeless.


“Hello?” an inquisitive figure beckoned, poking at the crumpled man that lay before him.

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