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Kyler Kuzar

(S65) RW - Kyler Kuzar, TPE: 30

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7 minutes ago, Kyler Kuzar said:

Player Information

Username: Kyler Kuzar

Player Name: Kyler Kuzar

Recruited From: YouTube

Age: 16

Position: RW

Height: 71 in.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Birthplace: United States of America


Player Page




Welcome to the league!


How did you hear about us?


Let me know if I can help with anything! The discord is a good place to ask questions its worth taking a look at!

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Hey, welcome to the VHL, @Kyler Kuzar!!!


If you need some help navigating the site or learning the ropes, feel free to either connect to the VHL Discord server or DM me and @McWolf with any questions you might have!


So, what happens next? Pretty soon, the GMs of various VHLM teams will be sending you offers via this thread. Every contract is worth the same amount of money, so take your time to look over the teams and pick out which one would be the best fit for your player! I'd recommend taking a day to learn how the site works, in order to allow every GM to get a chance to talk to you before making a final decision!

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Welcome to the VHL! 

I am the Saaskatoon Wild's acting general manager, we have a ton of roster spots available and can fit you in on the top right wing spot. Unfortunately, Saskatoon isn't an overly competitive team. We recently traded away our offensive assets so our goaltender ( @WhiteMocha ) has been stealing a few games for us with superb goaltending lately. If you're active, you can propel the Saskatoon Wild's offence but we're likely to finish fifth. 

Still in the playoffs, but beyond defending our championship. 

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