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Orion happy but not too happy

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Orion Slade is very happy with his decision to sign in Las Vegas because the team is the clear cut favorite to win the championship with no real contender to beat them. Much like the last time Orion Slade's Agent ran the team. With the team slaughtering teams and not using lube you would think that their star, mythical god would be happy but insiders are saying that he is not happy with his own play. He started off slow but as it sits at 23 points in 26 games which is nothing to scoff at. 


Well Orion is not happy that he is not leading the league in points and putting the fear of him into everyone in the league. Yes fear of him, he is a god so saying fear of god would make sense but fuck you. Orion has promised to work double as hard to make sure that his play in the next 26 games even better. He wants to slaughter the league just like his team is. Orion in a interview said "My play is just unacceptable it's lazy and flat hockey. I need to hold myself in a higher degree then these little mortals. If I let myself slip down to their levels I will never be better then Covington. I need to be better than him because that guy is a pure fucking ass. Calls me up all coked out of his mind and chirps me. DURING FUCKING GAMES! why do I have my phone on the bench? because I can. I am a very important person and people always tweet at me and shit. The VHLM is a joke of a league so I will continue to not a give a fuck about the game it's self. I only care about my stats and if my team is winning games. The only time I give a fuck is when we are bending Ottawa over and they are crying telling us to take it easy on them. FUCK YOU! I don't take it easy. I have two speeds Murder and slaughter. Like it or not I don't give a fuck." 


That's a pretty crazy statement from a player that is so far behind in the scoring race but he did not and will not back off the statement. Maybe just maybe he should focus on playing better and not so much on "fucking shit up" but that's just a thought.

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