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Quick look at the Seattle Bears

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Seattle is sitting in first place in the VHL, but are tied with the Riga Reign. In my predictions I actually said that Seattle would make it to the finals, and so far it looks like I could be right. But why are they so good? Lets take a very quick glance.


Matt Thompson and Vyacheslav Smirnov have been the anchor of this teams offense, with 49 and 40 points respectively. They are both top five in points across the league and Thompson is first in the league. They also have great supporting pieces, such as Jake Davis, Otto Axelsson, and The Charm, who are all hovering around the point per game mark. While their rookie Gucci Garrop has struggled, I expect him to pick it up a little, since he has no points in the seven games he has played. They also have Sergei Kovalev, who is a great depth piece, and he has 13 points of his own.


Their defense is held down by Robert Malenko, who has basically become a god in Seattle. He has 47 points, and is only behind his teammate Matt Thompson when it comes to the points race. They also have the supporting cast of David Kiaskov and Maxim Kovalchuk, who are both around point per game as well. Those three guys form one of the best big three defenses in the league. They also have Mountain Thunderfist, who isn't particularly great, but he is still a solid defenseman. You can have a guy that isn't as good when you have that big three on the blue line. Their goalie Roger Sterling is also holding down the fort. He has the eight highest save percentage for goalies that have played at least ten games, and is ranked sixth in terms of GAA for goalies that have played ten games. He has started every game for Seattle, and is a big reason behind their success.

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