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Opinion on Some Logos

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We’ve all got opinions and there will always be times where there’s only a small minority of people who agree with you. Hell, sometimes you can have an opinion that no-one agrees with. So that’s basically what this media is going to be, talking about those opinions, although I realised after I wrote it, it’s really only about logos:


I Still Hate the New VHL Logo



Old Logo Left/New Logo Right


I never had a problem with the old VHL logo. For me it looked perfectly fine, clearly showed what it was about and looked natural as a sports organization logo. Then Boubabi decided he could do better and put together his own logo, the one that we have today, and I just never liked it and was a bit annoyed that it wound up being our new logo of choice. Don’t get me wrong, it has some aesthetically pleasing elements to it, but as a logo for a sports organization it just doesn’t work. Ask any person who doesn’t know about the VHL to tell you what that logo says, they’ll probably eventually get it but how many logos are there in the world where you have to figure out what the company in question actually is? This continues to transition into our current banner; with the bottom bit of the logo missing, what am I looking at as a newcomer? Just a mess of lines on a grainy background?  Finally, if there was never going to be a VHLM one in a similar style and they were going to keep the old one, what was the point of the change in the first place?


I wasn’t a fan of the Americans Logo Change Either


TBH, I don’t think the A that came prior was that great of a logo to begin with, but I think we got worse with the current one we have today. One of the things that I liked about the logos was that they all had that American sports franchise with a dynamic mascot or imagery. Davos’ logo change was the first kind of step away from that, but it still retains something of that feel with the mountains and the Brooklyn Nets-esque shape. The Americans though, it feels like it’s gone fully away from that to a point where it more represents a European-esque soccer logo (and obviously that really doesn’t fit with a team called the Americans) which results in a logo that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the league. It’s weird, because the two logos that I’ve had issues with here were made by the same guy who made my personal favourite logo, which was for the Stockholm Vikings. In addition, it was kind of a sour change for me personally because, while I obviously appreciated having my jersey retired (my only one so far in this league) it was a bit disappointing that because it came at the same time as the logo reveal, I was represented with a banner that had a logo that I personally never played under.

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Boo. That said I'm with you on the VHL logo change, I do like the old one but I do think there is a "designer" aspect to the new one. It has a unique quality. I just don't think it speaks to me. As for the Americans, while I can understand the feeling it looks more soccer, I honestly feel logo's in general have started tending different anyways. I think trying to say it looks less like an American sports franchise really only falls in line if you mean NFL, MLB or NBA. From the Vegas Golden Knights to some of the alt jersey's and other things they've been doing in the NHL, a lot more hockey logo's are going shield/crest type stuff. 


A big reason why I think the shield/crest stuff works for NYA is just due to the symbolism. Obviously yes, Captain America used a shield, and people will instantly associate that 1 to 1, but America being represented by a "protector" or a "shield" isn't a new concept. That really says nothing on my own personal opinions of the country, I just felt it fit at the time. That said, we should totally get your banner changed to the proper logo just to fit your player, most of the other players retired were using proper logo's. It was probably me who retired that jersey anyway, so my fault in the end as usual. :P 

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