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The exciting race for the final wildcard spot in the VHLM

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If you couldn't tell, this years VHLM playoff race is not one of the most exciting in history. While the fight for 2nd place between the Lynx and the 21st is worth keeping an eye on, first and fourth place are nearly locks, as Vegas has an eleven point lead over Halifax. The Oslo Storm are also in the middle of a very disappointing campaign, with just 48 points and a record of 22-27-4. However, they still sit 15 points above Saskatoon, who is holding onto the second wildcard spot. Generally the second wildcard spot is a playoff spot for a bad team that wasn't bad enough to be last place. Last year it was the Lynx, and even though they went on a finals run, it was basically all Elias Dahlberg and Finn Davidson. The Saskatoon Wild and Yukon Rush both should not be in the playoffs, but one of them have to make it. So who will it be?


The Wild hold a five point lead over the Rush, but both teams are absolute disasters. The plus minus between these two teams is incredible. They are a combined -197, as the Wild are -101 and the Rush are -96. The next lowest team, the Oslo Storm, are -20, and every other team is in the positive. It is mind boggling how bad these two teams are compared to the other teams in the VHLM. The Wild had a glimmer of hope with Curtis Gary on the team, but they traded him to Vegas early in the year. Now, their top player is Titus Stone, who has 81 TPE, 3 games played, 0 points, and has been active for a week. The situation is pretty dire in Saskatoon, but it somehow gets worse in Yukon. Judging by stats, you would think some of their guys are pretty good, including the likes of Jessy Thomas and Robert Renner, but nope. Athanasios Andrianopoulis has 80 TPE and has the most on the team. Thomas only has 72 and Renner has 53. 


In the end, I think the Wild will put it out and then in all likelyhood get smoked by Oslo, although look at last year with Ottawa. Maybe history repeats itself?

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