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On 2/4/2019 at 1:42 PM, eaglesfan036 said:

easiest solution I can see that can be quickly implemented for this season is just give everyone like +3 tpe to their totals (still capped at 20 though)

This is happening. Banana and I talked about it. We'll redo the numbers entirely for next year, but this year just everyone is +3 up to the same 20 max

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katie warren 13
viktor kozlov 18
roll fizzlebeef 13
matteo 13
jb rift 20
bald guy 18
david harrison 13
smitty werbenjagermanjensen 20
josh harris 13
nathan n 20
matthew kai 13
bolt vanderhuge 20
brady stropko 18
jagger philliefan 19
gritty 18
chase 16
connor mcdavid 20
mitch matthews 20
justin cole 20
sven hitz 16
john madden 18 (I know you counted 14, which with the +3 would be 17, but I rounded them separately rather than after adding so you got an extra)
evgeni komarov 20
milan griffin 13
denver wolfe 13
matthew materazo 17
jack lynch 13
orion slade 13
dallas jones 16
dan baillie 20
fylo gibbles 13
eric parker 16
anthony matthews 13
diljodh 20
elasmobranch fish 19
basaraba moose 13
carles puigdemont 18
teagan glover 13
kyson blake 14


nethila dissanayake s66, ineligible (and did not claim 2 stats anyway)
ryan zabby in bigs, no achievement tracker


@WhiteMocha @nethi99 @JayF @Thranduil @Gooningitup @Sogarn @Goonie @Matt_O @xsjack @BluObieZ @Trifecta @wcats @SpartanGibbles @Eparker24 @Anthony Matthews @DilIsPickle @Sharkstrong @Toasty @Eudaldkp @Bucky___lastard @TMI @tunedtorock @Devise @Galdoblame @Lightningyamasha @flyersfan1453 @Ty343 @NathanN @FBR @RyanZabby @kayfabe @Bushito

It stopped letting me tag there - anyway so I'll tag the rest in the next post, and here are your points (it's what you earned +3, except the cap was still 20). The +3 made the minimum 13. If you think you should have gotten more please check my math but I think this is right


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