VHLM Newsletter- 22nd Edition

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From one big week to the next, I welcome you to this new edition of the VHLM Newsletter!

Finally, the playoffs are upon us! Each of the five (well, four now that the first round concluded only a few minutes ago) teams that made this season's playoffs worked hard to get to this point. There are obvious favorites to win, but upsets are always possible when you're dealing with the insanity that is the Simon T Hockey simulator. It's anyone's cup now as we close in on the final games of the season- who's it gonna be, hoisting the Founder's Cup as the Season 64 champions???


If this is the week that you joined on to the VHL, worry not, your time will come soon. In about a week or two, once the playoffs have ended and the offseason begins, you'll be entered in the upcoming VHLM Dispersal Draft for season 65, where you're likely to hear your name called by one of any of the VHLM's eight teams. For now, do your best to get a hold on the site and start earning some TPE- the more you earn, the higher your draft stock will be!


For now, though, we'll focus on the playoff insanity. We've got some new uncapped opportunities, some news on playoff results, and some help for this god awful week of trivia- it's edition 22 of the VHLM newsletter!


As always, I'll start out by mentioning our Discord server, which you can join by clicking this link here! This is the best place to go to chat with other members of the league and get help with anything you might need around the site.


For returning readers, I'll mark anything that changed with a shiny *NEW* if you're just looking for updates.


1) Uncapped TPE Opportunities- Any time an opportunity for some TPE arises, we'll make note of it here. Everything in this section can be claimed apart from your weekly 12 capped TPE, so if you're looking to push your player to greater heights, this section will be of high interest to you.

2) League Recap- Each week, we'll take a look at the shape of the VHLM and talk about some of the outstanding news and performances from around the league.

3) TPE Earning Guide- If you're new to the site, this will really help you get into the swing of things. We have a detailed guide on how earning and claiming TPE works, which will be provided toward the bottom of the newsletter every week.

4) Trivia Help- To help you guys learn how to navigate the site, the very bottom of the newsletter will contain some hints on where to find answers for each week's trivia questions! This can be turned in every week for 2 capped TPE, and will also be worth some extra uncapped TPE in the offseason!



1) Uncapped TPE Opportunities *NEW*


VHLM Achievement Tracker *NEW*

For anyone in the season 65 draft class and below (that is, with a S65 next to your name in the portal), you're eligible for some free TPE based on your player's performance this season! All you have to do is go to this thread and post your name, position, and the two stats you'd like to claim as your sources of TPE. Make sure you read the thread carefully for instructions, because every stat has a different number to TPE ratio. For example, if your player scored 60 points last season, you can choose that stat and earn 60/10 TPE, which comes out to be 6 TPE. You can only pick two stats to redeem for TPE, so make sure you pick the ones that will grant you the most (unless you're a goalie, in which case you just need to state that you're a goalie)! Also note that if you don't make a post now, you won't be eligible for Achievement Tracker TPE at all! Every player will get a minimum of 10 TPE, so there's no reason to pass it up if you have the chance to post!


For a more full, in-depth explanation of the Achievement Tracker, read the post here.


Weekly Reddit Threads 

For the time being, we aren't offering 1 uncapped TPE for Reddit thread upvotes. Our recruiting has actually gone much better than we initially thought, and as a result, the minors are currently bloated with more players than we can handle! This TPE opportunity will open back up next season, when we have more spots open for new players.


Practice Facility

Every week, players in the VHLM are granted 2 free TPE every week for simply posting in the practice facility thread. If you haven't already, go post your player name and "+2" here.


The VHL Fantasy Zone

Every week, players are given the chance to guess the results of upcoming VHL games. This comes in two different forms- the weekly Pick 'Em's (which are worth 2 uncapped TPE for getting all of them correct), and the weekly Score Prediction (which is worth 3 uncapped TPE for getting correct). Even if you don't get it right, it's worth a shot to take a look at the games and give it your best guess! If you want, you can even cheat and copy the guesses of a member that's already posted. These will be posted in this subforum every week.


The VHLM Fantasy Zone

The VHL Fantasy Zone's younger brother allows you to earn even more uncapped TPE for guessing the correct winners and scores. However, these predictions are only available to players within the VHLM, so make use of them while you can! The VHLM Fantasy Zone differs in its TPE rewards, in that the weekly Pick 'Em's are only worth 2 uncapped TPE, but guessing the correct score is worth 4! These will be posted in this subforum every week.


The VHL Lottery

Every week, you can vote on a poll to submit an entry for a weekly VHL lottery drawing. Simply vote on the poll in the thread and you're entered to win both a weekly prize of 3 uncapped TPE, as well as a variety of monthly prizes! You can cast your vote at the link provided here for this week's lottery. Note: this week's lottery has not been posted yet, but will be in this thread when it goes up!


The First Generation Bonus

As a thank you to the newer members for sticking around and participating in the league, we're offering 10 free uncapped TPE for your first player, once they cross the 100 TPE milestone! If you've passed that mark, or are about to pass that mark, make a post in this thread and use it to submit an update. To make the job of the updaters easier, please select "Other" when applying the update and fill out the box as seen below:




2) League Recap *NEW*

Here we are, the wild card round of the playoffs! Since these games have already been simmed, I'll give a quick recap for any of those who may have missed out on the action.


The (4) Oslo Storm squared off against the (5) Saskatoon Wild earlier today in the wild card round, where the winner moves on to play the (1) Las Vegas Aces. The first game of the series, taking place in Oslo, turned out to be a nail-biter as both teams refused to give the other a strong advantage. Goals went back and forth until the beginning of the third period, where Oslo scored twice to put them up 4-3. Of course, there was still plenty of time on the clock, but Saskatoon waited until there were just 40 seconds to go in the game before tying it 4-4, with a heroic goal by Brian Strong! The celebration wouldn't last long however, as Oslo went to the power play early on in overtime, and eventually scored to win the game off of Donat Szita's 2nd of the night! Oslo goes up in the series, 1-0.


The Wild, hungry to get that game back and even the series, came out strong at the start of the 2nd game. They capitalized off of a power play only a minute into the first, with Titus Stone being the one to put it in the net. Saskatoon goaltender Justin Cole was able to turn away all 14 of Oslo's shots in the same period, and led his team into the locker room with a 1-0 lead at the end of the first. While the spirits must have been high during the intermission, things were about to turn south for the Wild. Brian Strong scored his 2nd of the playoffs to give them a 2-0 lead in the 2nd, but the Storm had had enough of letting the Wild get the better of them. Just 6 seconds later, Donat Szita turned the tide of the game, and seized control of the momentum. The Storm continued their aggressive offense, pouring shot after shot onto the Saskatoon goalie, and would eventually open the flood gates at around the 13 minute mark of the period. Sneaking it past Cole 4 more times before the 2nd buzzer sounded, the Storm would enter the next intermission with a 5-2 lead. With a firm grip on the game, and the next round of the playoffs in sight, the Oslo Storm would maintain a three goal lead and eventually win it by a final score of 6-3. They took the series 2-0, thanks to an impressive 4 points from forward Sven Hitz (1G-3A) in the second game.


With the wild card out of the way, only four teams remain in the VHLM playoffs. The (1) Las Vegas Aces will play the (4) Oslo Storm, and the (2) Halifax 21st will play the (3) Ottawa Lynx. Both series are sure to be explosive as everyone continues their ongoing quest for the Founder's Cup!


3) TPE Earning Guide

Each week, you can earn up to 12 capped TPE for submitting Point Tasks, or PTs. The following guide should help you learn what to do in terms of creating, submitting, and claiming a PT! Personally, this is my favorite part of the newsletter, because it's the same copy+paste every week ;)

I've included everything in a spoiler box here to reduce some of the clutter, so if this part of the newsletter is relevant to you, jut open the spoiler below!



Recruiting new members to the league not only helps the league by filling out team’s rosters, but it also sets you up to earn some lucrative TPE! To find out more about the rewards for recruiting members, go HERE. On top of that, there is a 1 uncapped TPE reward for upvoting a Reddit thread that can be earned every week.


Weekly Capped Point Task Opportunities (You Can Earn Up To 12 TPE From The Following)

-          You can submit either a Media article of 500 wordsa Graphic or a ten minute Podcast for 6 TPE. If you don’t have time to submit for any of these this week though, there is Welfare available to claim for at least 4 TPE.

-          You can submit either a 150 word article/Player Card for 2 TPE or you can submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE.

-          You can get a maximum of 2 TPE by answering and asking questions in the Press Conferences. If you are short of answers, you can answer questions in the VHLM Press Conference for 2 TPE.

-          You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts. Check out the guide to reviewing HERE.

-          It's not up yet this week, but once the season gets going, there will be weekly VHL Trivia where you will be asked two VHL-related questions, answer both correctly and you will earn 2 TPE for the week. In addition, players will be able to earn up to 6 uncapped TPE at the end of the season, 1 TPE for every week they submitted for trivia. 


Uncapped Point Task Opportunities

-          There is 2 TPE to be earned from posting in this week’s Practice Facility

-          There is the VHLM Pickem and Predict the Score (in the VHLM Fantasy Zone) if you correctly guess the results, you will earn uncapped TPE for your player! You'll be able to participate in the VHL Fantasy Zone as well.

-           The lottery allows you to enter the poll that gives you a chance of winning 3 uncapped TPE this week and enters you into a monthly draw for even bigger prizes!

-          You can submit a 500 word Rookie Profile for 8 TPE and a 1000 word Biography for 10 TPE. These two are one time only point tasks.

-          If you haven't already, make sure to spend some of your contract/sponsorship money on the First Generation Package in the Player Store. It's an exceptionally cheap purchase that gives you five uncapped TPE.


Video Tutorial




This is a video tutorial of how to improve your player through point tasks that I made about two months ago. The idea was that we were going to have this edited to a better standard before the Season 64 Draft, but that hasn't come to pass yet, so I'll just release the raw footage for now. If you need timestamps for something in particular, here they are:

Capped TPE

0:27 - Overview of Capped TPE
1:38 - Media Spots
2:39 - Graphics
4:16 - Podcast
5:09 - Cards/VHL Radio
7:06 - Press Conferences
9:00 - Trivia
11:59 - Reviewing
13:22 - Jobs
14:13 - Welfare

Uncapped TPE
16:14 - VHL/VHLM Fantasy Zone
17:08 - Practice Facility
17:44 - Yearly Award Predictions
18:35 - VHFL
19:33 - VHL Lottery
20:35 - Rookie Profile
21:21 - Biography
22:30 - Donations (Now out of date)

Adding TPE to your Player
24:00 - Updating


4) Trivia Help *NEW*

Oh boy, it's another week of VHL Trivia. For 2 capped TPE, and some extra uncapped TPE in the offseason, answer these two questions! The trivia this week has been posted here.


1) Who led the VHL in scoring with the lowest amount of points?

This one isn't too bad at all. There's a page in the portal that shows the past VHL point leaders, so the answer is narrowed down to everyone on this list. For this one, I just scrolled down and noted the lowest point total until I found one lower, and kept going until I hit the end. As an alternative, you can Ctl+F all of the answer choices and choose the one who had the lowest point total.


2) What was Michael Angelo famous for?

This question....good lord, we're going to need to do some digging.


-Assisting the only cup winning goal scored in triple overtime

Here is a list of every goal scored to win the cup. The only triple overtime goal was scored in season 21, make sure you note what team scored this goal.


-Being the only Helsinki Titans captain for more than one season to not make the Hall of Fame

Here is a list of the VHL all-time captains, Michael Angelo's name appears on this list under Helsinki. Here is the database of every player that's been inducted into the VHL Hall of Fame. Make sure you read this choice carefully.


-Leading all defencemen in scoring in his rookie season

For this one, I cross-referenced the Top Rookie award page and the Top Defenceman award page. Here, we can find out which season Angelo was a rookie and compare him to the best defenceman of that year.


-Holding the record for most assists in a player's first two VHL seasons

This one can't be easily, 100% verified without some incredible digging. However, the record for most assists in a rookie year is easily available, as well as the list of top 10 names in terms of rookie assists.


-Painting the Sistine Chapel



After looking at all of these resources carefully, you should be able to eliminate it down to one answer choice. It's a bear to get through, but I've given you enough here to cut down on a lot of the time spent foraging. Good luck this week, hopefully everyone is able to get their 2 capped and some extra points on the leaderboard!




That'll do it for episode 22 of the VHLM Newsletter. As always, if you have any questions or need some help navigating the site, feel free to ask me or @McWolf directly! Next week, we'll likely be in a position to crown our Founder's Cup Champion and look ahead to the Season 65 Dispersal Draft! I'll see you guys for the next issue!



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