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People know this is coming and that Orion Slade much like lots of my past clients have a list of teams they will play for and not play for. Orion is a special occurrence in the long tradition of telling teams that they should not draft him. Why? because he is my last player. His rookie contract sure will be three seasons long but if all goes according to plan he will a free agent a year after being drafted and will only sing one year deals for the his whole career. To maximize his chances at max cups. This is championship hunting at it's finest. Call it "Tom Brady" call ti what you will but one thing my client will not be is loyal. Even if he likes you as a GM or the cocksuckers on your team. It does not matter to him. What matters is the cup. Now if you think he will take pay cuts, you are sadly mistaken. Money makes the world go round and Orion will be looking to get PAID! how paid? well that's for me to determine and you the GM that drafts him to find out. So without further stalling and whatever I present the list.


Draft him and play him

New York




Draft him and send him down






Rather Not



Don''t Draft


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