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Kandee Cain Interview

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Kandee Cain @SlashACM Interview.


Saskatoon made a spot for you, where you surprised when you entered the league?


Surprised didn’t get contacted by more teams because everyone should want a piece of Kandee. I feel like I am a great goalie and I’m gonna make all the boys sad they didn’t get my digits.


What team are you hoping to get drafted to?


Ottawa, I’m just kidding Phili because they are going to be the best team. The blue really goes with my eyes and they are sure to win with me on their roster.


Are you dating someone?


I dumped Walter Clements he wasn’t man enough for me. If you think you are worthy you know where to find me 😉


What is your workout regimen?


Thighs and glutes mostly because they need to be nice and toned for on the ice and in the bed. I can a watermelon with my thighs Mellon


Most famous boyfriend?


I don’t have boyfriends just boy toys. My brother knows a lot of famous people in the SHL and I’ve introduced myself to many 😉


Kandee you name is sweet as sugar, are you more sweet or spicy?


I’m whatever gets me further.

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