Thompson to test Free Agency

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After capturing the goals and points lead during the regular season as well as a Victory Cup Matt Thompson of the Seattle Bears went into the playoffs with high hopes. Unfortunately those hopes were dashed in 6 games by the surprising Toronto Legion; backstopped by the largest save total ever in a playoff series. Thompson would score 2 hat tricks in the series on route to 7 goals and 10 points but it wasn’t enough to put the Bears into the finals and might have been the forward’s last points in a Seattle uniform.


”I made it clear at the start of the season that I wasn’t re-signing without a cup. Realistically I made it clear before I was even drafted that my plans were to win at all cost. Maybe that makes me an asshole but ultimately it’s what I feel is best for my career.”


Thompson, who plays for the Beketov agency, will this season double the Agency’s individual award total (4 prior to Thompson) but has thus far been unable to break the “Finals curse” that has plague the agency since Jackson Miller won his 2nd cup in Season 46.


”I’ve enjoyed Seattle, I won’t say I haven’t. But I’ve decided to do what’s best for me and that may very well take me elsewhere. Ultimately I want a cup and it doesn’t appear that Seattle will be a team I can win it with. We’ll see how the winds blow though. Who knows what I’ll decide come the off-season. But as of right now I’m incredibly disappointed in our performance and am considering moving on.”

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1 minute ago, Victor said:

Great first overall pick Seattle, well done!

Bana knew going into the draft that I wanted a cup with Thompson and if Seattle couldn’t get it then I would be looking elsewhere. He deemed that worth the risk.


Honestly I haven’t even disliked Seattle. I’m just sick of 18 seasons without seeing the finals, it’s getting old. Normally I’m a team guy (only gone to Free Agency twice of three times I believe over all my players) but this one I need to do for me.

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8 hours ago, BOOM™ said:

Come play for me in Davos. I'm not GM yet, so it's not tampering. 

Members can tamper too :P


Though I hardly think chasing cup and last place team go together.

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