VSN - Mock Draft #3

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Welcome to my final mock draft. New York now has the first selection in the draft and we know that Moscow will pick at #6. Let's get into it.


Mock Draft


:nya: 1. Carles Puigdemont +0

C | 6'3" | 220 lb. | Age: 18 | :ott:

TPE: 294 @Eudaldkp 


New York wins the draft lottery. Who would have thought 🤔. New York has some excellent young player's and if Carles joins the pack they will be unstoppable. Carles has put up 89 points in 72 games this season and has had a great performance in the playoffs. He is a well rounded player who can both score and pass. With 80 in BOTH already, you can tell this kid is going to be putting up a lot of points in the near future.


:dav: 2. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen +1

D | 6'3" | 220lb. | Age: 25 | :ott:

TPE: 271 @flyersfan1453


Davos has a great future with some pretty good young player's. Add a couple good young defenceman to that core and you have yourself a monster of a team. If Smitty is one of them, oh boy Davos is going to become a treat to watch. 68 Points in 72 games and top that off with an even better playoff performance, Smitty has had an excellent year. You can expect this kid to become a powerhouse in the next couple of seasons.


:cal: 3. Brady Stropko Jr. -1

D | 6'3" | 225 lb. | Age: 19 | :ott:

TPE: 203 @Bushito


Brady is a lock at 3rd overall. You can 100% expect Calgary to go after Brady as long as he doesn't get stolen with the first 2 selections in the draft. This kid is extremely fast with 87 skating. He has been skating circles around player's this season in the minors putting up 62 points in 67 games. I am expecting Brady to fit in perfectly with Calgary and make an impact right away.


:que: 4. Gritty +1

C | 6'3" | 197 lb. | Age: 19 | :ott:

TPE: 202  @eaglesfan036


Vancouver has a bunch of picks here in the first round. All of them coming pretty close to each other as well. I can see them Gritty with one of their first 2 picks. Gritty is a solid player with excellent puck handling. With Vancouver's core aging away Gritty could be one of the pieces to come in and help them turn things around.


:que: 5. Bald Guy *NEW*

D | 5'5" | 250 lb. | Age: 16 | Halifax

TPE: 173 @Galdoblame


Bald Guy make's his appearance on the mock draft. Vancouver need's some new defenceman looking at how both Jones and Rayne are gone soon. Bald Guy is a great young player with 60 points in 64 games this season as a rookie defenceman. I can see him fit in very well with Vancouver.


Moscow 6. Roll Fizzlebeef +1

C | 6'6" | 240 lb. lb. | Age: 20 | :ott:

TPE: 168 @TacticalHammer


Fizzlebeef moves up a spot into #6. Moscow's first ever selection has had a pretty good year. He has put up 49 points in 67 games this regular season and had a decent playoff performance. He is a pretty well rounded player who will be great for Moscow as they move into the VHL.


:que: 7. Mitch Matthews *NEW*

D | 6'3" | 200 lb. | Age: 25 | :veg:

TPE: 160 @Antone10


Mitch Matthews makes an appearance in the top 9 in our final mock draft.  As stated before Vancouver could use some defenceman so I thought Mitch Matthews would be a great fit. He put up 53 points in 72 games this season and still has a round to go in the playoffs to show off his talent. Let's see what he can do.


:dav: 8. Dallas Jones -4

D | 6'4" | 205 lb. | Age: 16 | :ott:

TPE: 209 @Trifecta


Davos will probably take Dallas Jones with this pick. Experts have called Dallas a "risk". Although I feel if Davos pick him up with this pick and he pans out, this will be an amazing steal and probably one of the best picks of the draft. If not, oh well 🤷‍♂️


 :rig: 9. Elasmobranch Fish *NEW*

D | 6'8" | 250 lb. | Age: 16 | Halifax

TPE: 160 @Sharkstrong


Not only is Riga good right now, they also are really young. With the addition of Elasmobranch, they can be even better for even longer. A stronger defensive core couldn't hurt. It would only make them stronger and better than they already are. 70 points in 72 games as a good defensive defenceman is extremely good.





And that concludes our mock draft series for this draft. Let me know what you would do differently and why down below.

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