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This article won't be that special. You can consider it as the extended random quote. I'll try to guess what each team is going to do in offseason.




Stay put. There is no single reason why Calgary should fuck up their rebuild now. They also have Canmore that could be on the move for some valuable assets. I guess their plan is open their contention window in S66 alongside with Davos (maybe later, it depends).




Stay put. The same as Calgary. They have a lot of young players and they are about to get more of them. Shawh already made his plan known - Davos is about to compete starting from S66. The plan is clear - wait until Seattle makes a firesale and get some of their players. Until that - another rebuilding season.




No picks - no problems. They didn't have the S64 first and managed to make it into the finals. So Quik won't hold on his other S65-66 picks either. He will try to get them out for a either depth player or for Thompson's FA rights. The latter one is more believeable tbh. And I think he will get him, no matter if from ''trade-sign'' or just from FA.




Let's start. They should be competing. Kingfisher is out of a rookie contract and has 600+ TPE. The same with McWolf and Wilinsky isn't that far away. I assume Spade will try to draft Carles (because of lack of centres) and then sell S66-67 picks for more experienced players. But one thing is clear - their time is now.




Get a defence. Samuel Gate - that's the only defenceman they have now. Fitz is inacitve 200 TPE player that has a little value. And Vancouver will need better depth defs (other than Philliefan) that will help Sam. Also, they could use forwards too, but I guess they will have to sell some players with heavier contracts in order to get a younger but a good one.




Cap. Cap, crap - name more iconic duo. This will make me to make some changes in the team and I guess other teams are watching me now. The changes won't be that big though. I believe the S65 off season will be the real cap hell for me, not this. In general, nothing much is changing. Still competing, still trying to get another one.




ATTACK! They def need some offense. I think Thompson days in Seattle are over and Bana will have to find another superstar. I see they will only have 4 forwards in this case which is a no no if they want to have a glory. They have no much assets either other than S67 picks so I guess they will have to rely on FA. On Sebastian Ironside, to be exact.




No Stopko, no party. That's what's going to happen with them. Nobody will sell a goalie and Carison is def no Norris. And JB Rift is even worse. So I guess Devise will try to get some depth guys with his lil picks. Maybe Canmore too, but will he be ready to get rid of a S67 first? Will that even be the best offer? Not sure. So they aren't in the best position now and Arroyo is going to have a rough time there.




Be quiet. Victor already told us he won't make much noises in terms of competing. Moscow will rebuild alongside with Davos and Calgary and just wait for their chance to strike. It will likely happen in S67 when their young player should be ready for big games.


That's it and I'm out.


6 TPE goes to Randoms



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