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Pat Svoboda on Upcoming Draft

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Davos right winger Pat Svoboda spoke to the media about his hopes for Davos draft picks. "Well, I hope we get some solid guys, I'm not sure what position, I feel like Dahlberg and I are great on the wing so I don't see us prioritizing that. At any rate, regardless of depth at a position, it's my opinion that you should take the best player available, and I hope we'll do that. I'd love to see us get a center or a defenseman personally, but I'm not opposed to picking a winger; I just like my job and I don't want competition let's be honest. This year, I need to step up my game, because if my stats get better the trade looks great, but if I underperform Davos wasted assets. And I think having a top center prospect would really help that, or having a power play quarterback to drop pass to. I definitely hope we get someone who is fast; we're a young team, so why not focus on speed so we can overwhelm the other clubs in puck races? I don't know, but I trust our scouting team and I'm sure they'll make great choices. I'm looking forward to meeting the newest additions to the Davos family."

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