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Does Glade suck?

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Let's take a look. Glade recently signed an extension with Riga, keeping the dman in Latvia through S69, with a NTC. Glade celebrated his new contract and rewarded his GM by doing trash and worse than his rookie season. This season the Riga blueliner put up 47 points in 72 games, which is pretty ok as a dman, right? WRONG. Last season Glade put up 10 more points en route to a Continental Cup Victory over Calgary. This season, Riga didn't even make it past Helsinki. Coincidence? Actually yes because Glade only put up 5 points in 7 games. Are you fucking serious? I have more GOALS this season on my highschool team than Glade had POINTS and I've been concussed all season. Glade actually scored 9 less assists this season than last, like wtf dude? Pass the damn puck you goof. It also doesn't help that Glade was demoted to the second line and had to drag the inactive corpse of Dylan Nguyen. Also, Glade got statistically 100% less PP chances because of how bad he is. Will we see a trade coming for the young dman? Spoiler: Nope, remember that NTC? Glade has fucked himself, hopefully he returns to form next season.

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