Puigdemont says bye to the Minors

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"Today I just wanted to talk to you guys about my departure from what has been the best hockey and competition that I have ever had, but I'm heading for something big, I'm going to the VHL. The drat is going to happen soon and I hope to be #1, but we'll see. I really wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me as a player accomplish what I've done, especially @Peace and @Trifecta and basically say goodbye to everyone who I've played about, but it's only a goodbye till next season. I'm definetely excited to play in the VHL alongside and against some of the players that I've played in the Minors and in the World Championship, but especially against the better competition that waits me. I think I'm ready for it and I'm aiming for that RoTY trophy! To everyone who has been cheering for me, I just want to say thanks and hopefully you'll cheer for me too in the majors. I'm gonna be holding a signing session in Ottawa soon before my departure for the draft, see y'all in the majors!"

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