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VHLM: Scoped - Playoff Edition 2

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:vhlmlogo:VHLM: Scoped :vhlmlogo:

Feb 3rd - Feb 10th

Playoffs Game 1-27


Nyko's Message

So I was completely wrong about my VHLM predictions, so round two of predictions this time, but just for the finals. Bit of a shorter article this week as the milestone section will be removed, and I'll cover them one the playoffs are concluded and stats are on the portal


Games of the Week

The VHLM is full of many interesting, exciting, and just plain out weird games. Some games are blowouts, some are high scoring, and some games are very tight. This part of the segment will highlight the 3 games which I think were the best games during the whole week. 


Game 27 HFX vs LVA

The Finals have just started and the 2nd seeded Halifax 21st are visiting the 1st place Las Vegas Aces. The stakes are high and this game shows it. Both teams have ridiculous offense, but neither wanted to use it as they focussed on shutting down the other team, as evident by the shot total and final score. The 3 periods were silent, as both teams played hard and defensive, with the odd penalty here or there. But it comes to an end in overtime, when a penalty from Fish during the last minute of play in the 3rd period carries over into overtime. Vegas sets up right away in overtime, and the puck is sent to NathanN, the VHLM regular season leading scorer, and he sends it home to put Vegas up 1-0 in the finals.


Game 4 SSK vs OSL

This was the first game of the wildcard series that saw the Wild face the Oslo for who would advance to the semi's. Both teams obviously wanted to advance, and this series, like all series would be hard fought. Instead of the defensive game that Halifax and Las Vegas played, both teams decided that it might be fun to score more than 1 goal. So thats what the did. Saskatoon's Penneration opened up the scoring, but David Harrison of Oslo tied it up on the powerplay. In the 2nd Finn Schaefer scored and Saskatoon was up 2-1. But Oslo didn't want to be behind again, so Mikko Aaltonen made it 2-2. Titus Stone then put Saskatoon up again, right before the end of the 3rd. Oslo responds with 2 quick ones at the beginning of the 3rd as Karri Jurri and Donat Szita are able to give Oslo their first lead of the game. Saskatoon is able to bring this one into overtime when Brian Strong scores. They can't end it in overtime, as they skate off on the verge of elimination when Donat Szita finds his 2nd of the night on the powerplay.


Game 22 OTT vs HFX


Ottawa was on the verge of elimination this game, and they played like it. John Madden of Halifax and Carles Puigdemont of Ottawa were the only scorers of the first, and in the second John Madden striked again, but Gritty scored on the powerplay, and Draper followed up to give Ottawa a 1 goal lead going into the 3rd. Nathan MacKinnon and and Moose scored the first 2 goals of the 3rd, but Ottawa responded with two of their own as Puigdemont scores his second of the game, and Warren scores her first of the playoffs. Gritty also scores another goal on an empty net. With 1 minute left you'd think that this game was over, but within the last minute, MacKinnon scores to put Halifax 1 behind, and Edvin scores with 9 seconds left to propel the 21st to overtime. But the comeback wasn't meant to be, as Don Draper scores on the powerplay in overtime.



Players of the Week

1. Carles Puigdemont @Eudaldkp

Carles Puigdemont, the consensus first overall pick of the upcoming playoffs was a huge part of Ottawa during their 6 game series. He's posted 3 goals and 9 assists in 6 games, but what more is he has the second highest P/20 at 1.79, behind Anderson LaVey who played only 2 games.


2.  Bolt Vanderhuge @kayfabe

Vanderhuge is currently leading all players in playoff scoring, with his 14 points in 7 games. He's also leading in shots blocked, +/-, and minutes played. He's been one of Halifax's keys to success, anchoring the defense core into the finals.


3. Joe Nixon @Bonzaijoe

Joe Nixon has been one of the best goalies in the VHLM this season, and has performed even better in playoffs. He's posted a .957 save percentage, and a 0.75 GAA which is insane. These numbers may be inflated by the weak competition, and only facing 92 shots, but he's let in 15+ less goals than everyone else, and is a key reason to Vegas' playoff success.




So I was wrong. I said that the Ottawa Lynx would face the Las Vegas Aces, but that's not true, as its instead Halifax and not Ottawa. Anyways for my updated predictions. Las Vegas has won the first game, but Halifax has a strong offensive team, but Joe Nixon and Las Vegas' solid defense counteracts this. I personally believe Vegas will win the first 2 games, but Halifax will tie it up 2-2. Then Vegas will win games 5 and 6 in OT, to win the cup.



Power Rankings

Well this is kind of useless, but I'll still do it anyways, since the power rankings will just be in the playoff order.


Last Week

1. Ottawa

2. Las Vegas Aces

3. Halifax 21st

4. Saskatoon Wild

5. Oslo Storm

6. Yukon Rush


This Week

1. Las Vegas Aces (+1)

2. Halifax 21st (+1)

3. Ottawa Lynx (-2)

4. Oslo Storm (+1)

5. Saskatoon Wild (-1)

6. Yukon Rush



1. Las Vegas Aces

2. Halifax 21st

3. Ottawa Lynx

4. Oslo Storm 

5. Saskatoon Wild 

6. Yukon Rush 

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