Philadelphia Reapers Press Conference

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1) The Reapers have a tough end to the schedule, playing multiple games against top ranked opponents with only a couple of easier games against cellar-dwelling teams. Can the team survive this gauntlet and make the playoffs?
As long as we do better than the Kings we should be good.


2) Do you prepare differently for games against tough teams compared to games against easier teams?
Of course. Tough teams deserve more attention. Against the others I just shoot and score. Can't help it.


3) G - Isak Sjostrom ( @Austin2997 ) earned his first shutout in a 6-0 win against Ottawa. How important was that for him and the team?
I think it's encouraging for us to have a solid goalie in net. Ottawa isn't exactly doing good these days but not allowing goals against them is a great start.


4) The Reapers have only had a few fights this year. In fact, LW - Ben McGirr ( @cartoes ) has the most fights with 2. Why do you think that is? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
We're a team of pussies and I think some of us should stop slacking. Other teams need to start respecting us.


5) Say you’re hosting a video game tournament for the team. What game are you picking, how come?
Something like Mario Party. I just wanna win and don't care about making friends. All your stars are belong to us.


6) What snacks would you provide for the tournament?
Some weird asian snacks like chicken bbq chips.

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