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Updated as of Saturday's Pre-Season Update by Draper. 


NEW ADDITION: Total Points Active! See how many points each player has currently active on their player!


Q: What is Total Points Active?

A: Total Points Active (or TPA for short) calculates how many points that you earned are currently attached to your player. 


Q; How is Total Points Active calculated?

A: Basically I just go through each of a players attributes and count up how many points it takes to get to the level they are currently at. For example, 116 points to get an attribute to 99. Since I calculate straight from the player thread, it automatically takes off the effects of regression and any missing TPE.


Q; What are the advantages of looking at TPA over TPE?

A: Since TPA calculates points that are attached to a player, it gives a better gauge as to how good a player should perform in the sim. It's especially useful for players who have faced regression, since the league's better players can lose over 100 points per season once they reach that point. 


Q: What isn't added to a player's TPA?

A: The following are not added into a players TPA count:

- Banked TPE (Since it is not currently applied to the player)

- Experience Points (Although I may consider adding this in the future)

- Any points lost to regression


Q: Some player's TPA is higher than their TPE, how is that possible?

A: There is a package in the player store that allows players to increase their attribute by 2 full points (so for example, 97->99), but it doesn't count as TPE. Typically, players purchase this on an attribute that is 90 or over so it has the equivalent value of 8 TPE. 


Q: So did you check every attribute on each individual player thread to calculate this?

A: So far, I have only been calculating the TPA for players that have faced regression, so (as of S46) anyone who was drafted in S39, S40 or S41. Theoretically, provided the updaters do their job correctly and the players don't mess up their updates, the only factors that would affect players who have yet to face regression are banked TPE and the purchase mentioned in the question above, both of which are accounted for. 


Unfortunately, I did do a test on a good player who had yet to face regression and found that he had over 10 more points added to his player than he should have had, so maybe it would be good thing at some point to go through all those players drafted S42 or later to make sure updaters/players are updating correctly. 



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