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@Josh. Sorry for the delay in getting this up, GM's have sent me most of their lines already in other forms but if you have the time GM's feel free to confirm your rosters and send in lines proper. For future reference the email address to send lines to is rpower22@gmail.com


I'll probably do a later sim before I go to bed to make up for missing out on the start date, but we should be fine to proceed as normal after that. Have a good World Cup everyone! :cheers: 

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59 minutes ago, Devise said:

Just having an issue with updates/position changes that I'm looking into. A double sim will be on the way when I figure it out. Thanks for the lines everyone, however I am missing lines from the GM of Team Western Europe @Eudaldkp




Was it Peace switching to centre? If so just list him as a right wing for the tournament. 

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13 minutes ago, Peace said:


Was it Peace switching to centre? If so just list him as a right wing for the tournament. 


No it's an STHS issue related to some player updates not being loaded correctly. Things will be fixed and everyone will be sorted correctly when I double sim after dealing with it though, no worries peoples. 

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Just now, Devise said:


He's on your team. 


Bah fucking STHS. He is on your team @Nykonax but for some reason STHS defaulted him to a healthy scratch. I went and manually changed that to put him on the line up before loading your lines, assuming he'd get put in. You have my sincerest apologies I've been dealing with some STHS bullshit this time out especially as it relates to not only updating players positions but updating players. So I was going through to try to confirm players were being pulled from the portal correctly and I didn't notice that your goalie was AGAIN defaulted as a scratch for some reason unbeknownst to me. 

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