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VSN - Ryuu's World Cup Hat Trick

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Hat Trick Patrick Ryuu!


It’s the World Cup! And unlike the NHL, our players get to play some international hockey! If you watched the Team World game, you'd know that fluke master winger Ryuu Crimson had a hat trick and an assist in a match which saw him named the first star of the game! Crimson is no stranger to hat tricks, as he's had one in his two previous seasons in the VHL. During the S63 playoffs, Crimson notched a hat trick in game 3 against the QC Meute in the semis, as he was fluking working his way to the Kanou and a Continental Cup.


“This feels amazing. Me, representing my country and being able to score a hat trick on the international stage. I can’t stress how great this feels. Sure, it wasn’t as cool as my hat trick during the ‘63 playoffs but I am still super psyched up about this and it makes me even more excited for the season to start.”


There was no shortage of praise for the Young Winger, from coaches and players alike, but he still directed it back to his teammates.


“Sure, I scored the goals but you also gotta appreciate how lights out my teammates played. Chucky (Maxim Kovalchuk) and Rev (Oleksiy Revchenko) made great passes to me and were awesome as well, and Preen (Edwin Preencarnacion) was great in general and I’m super thankful I got a chance to play with them.”


Ryuu has proved himself on the international stage before, representing Asia in the WJC and winning silver, (and now with a World Cup Gold,) and we hope he can prove himself again next time. Team World is slowly becoming a force in the World Cup, as they won their 2nd ever World this off-season.

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