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D’Win Championships’ Rise to Success by Award97 [2/2]

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D’Win Championships during his time with his development coaches4FE3F710-5F8D-4E8E-BB16-99CF9A0C8CFC.thumb.jpeg.04a2ca230c8434250c6710269dafee94.jpeg

First game in the VHLM

    D’ Win Championships was born on November 24, 1999 in the capital of his home country, Stockholm, Sweden. By the time D’Win was barely two years old, his father, Björn Championships, started him in a learn-to-skate program at the local rink, The Danicallahen. Improving quickly, onlookers saw the immediate potential in D’Win and set him up to work with the best development coaches in Sweden. After working his tail end off until around the age of 10, tragedy struck as his mother, Bengta Avidvark Championships, passed away after being in a fatal car accident. This had an immediate affect on D’Win as his mother was his number one fan. Although this set him back, D’Win would try harder and harder everyday with the goal to one day head overseas and be a major contender in the Victory Hockey League. By the time D’Win turned 16 years old, he was immediately recruited to join the SHL in which he joined Frölunda HC. After learning many little things to develop his game, he was given a D partner Rasmus Dahlin to which they immediately became very close. They would often grab dinner together, prank other people, and they would even opt to room together on team trips in the hotel room. Dahlin influxes Championships to play his heart out to accomplish his dream of making it to professional hockey overseas and soon become a major role for any team he would play for.

    D’Win’s father Björn always would try to give him some advice about friendships and people. Championships recalls many of these teaching moments formed a tight bond with his father.

“People come and go, but real people will come back.” 

Björn would tell this to D’Win whenever he would feel down in the dumps about people or when he had to break up with his girlfriend of two years to focus on his career. 

    This quote especially is relevant to Rasmus Dahlin’s friendship with D’Win. This is because Dahlin’s career took off after Frölunda, getting drafted to the NHL by the Buffalo Sabres first overall. Though Dahlin and Championships’ careers took different turns, they still try to hang out back in Stockholm or other cities around the world whenever they can. 

His Professional Career

    Championships played with Frölunda until he was 18 years of age. He then went to search for his professional career in North America. He would join the Swedish world junior team and play in the championship game. They would go on to lose to Canada in the finals, however, Championship told us in a interview that, 

    “ Loved every second of it. It was like a dream come true to represent my country in a way like this. We also made it to this game. To me, that’s pretty damn good.”

    This came to no surprise that he was happy with his performance. Championships but up a staggering 11pts (5 goals 5 assists) in just six games! This performance impressed many scouts for both the NHL and the VHL. After being contacted from both leagues, Championships decided to begin his career in the VHLM with the Philadelphia Reapers.

Championships and His Rookie Season In the VHLM

    Championships was a highly touted prospect ever since he was scouted along side his good friend Rasmus Dahlin. He entered the free agency pool right before season 65 began. A few offers later, Championships sook his refuge with the Philadelphia Reapers after receiving a one year, $1,500,000 offer from the team’s GM, Blade. She immediately saw the success he was having and was willing to take a chance with him. Before the season started, Championships would meet his future teammate and friend, Cody Parkey, at a hockey development camp in New York City. It’s here that he learned what it meant to play professional hockey and the humbleness involved. He learned that he must remain as if he weren’t a pro, but as if he was a normal everyday person with a job to do. After a week of camp, Parkey and Championships saw their uprising to the VHLM. Due to the newness of D’Win, he was scratched the first few games and told to observe the game. He would keep track of the intense speed, the passing, and what the defensemen would do as players came down on them. During one of the games, Championships saw success for the Reapers as they notched out their first ever win with Kandee Cain in net. In his first game for the Reapers, Championships saw a little success in their loss against the 21st. He totaled four hits with two blocked shots and finished +1 on the night. After the game we asked D’Win on the type of player he compared to and on how he viewed his new team.

    “That’s a good question. I would probably go with my good friend Rasmus Dahlin. He is the same height at around 6’2” and about the same weight of 190lbs. We are also both very physical as you may have seen in our recent games. He likes to take the body and so do I. I believe we are both very good skaters as we could turn on a dime and we also could puck handle really well. I myself feel that I am over aggressive at times I shouldn’t be and I am aware that Rasmus has this problem to go along with too. Regarding my time with the Reapers, I love it here. Everyone is excited to help me get better. You learn quik what you have to do to be successful in this league, and they taught me that. I love it.”

    Championships has had a rocky point start to his rookie season with only netting one assist and zero goals in thirteen games. The sky is the limit for this kid. He just have to work to get there.

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Review: This was definitely a fun bio to read! I feel like the paragraphs could be better spaced out, as well as the photos. Overall I can see you put a good effort into this and did a good job keeping the readers interest.

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