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Frustration Boils Over [2/2]

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Owen May's start to his professional career has been not been a smooth one.  In 19 games he's won 11 games with a .864 save percentage and a 3.40 goals against average. While the Buffalonian has recorded a league leading 2 shut outs, he's been inconsistent in the net. May has commonly been a positive face in front of the mic, but the recent form has left May frustrated. After a recent loss to the Yukon Rush, in their home & home series, May refused to comment. May has looked disheartened at practice, failing to respond to any reporters. May also did not appear on his weekly appearance on WGR 550. After yesterday's practice, May finally met with reporters.


"I've not been in a good state of mind. My performance on the ice has left much to be desired. I've been avoiding the media because I've been angry and very violent. I didn't want to say anything that may be taken out of context. I've been working with the coach trying to get my technical ability up. I can't help the team allowing six goals a game. Soon I may find myself back in Europe."


May allowed an easy goal earlier at today's practice. He let out some profanity before being scolded by his coach. May was leaving practice as he broke his stick over the stanchion. A heated exchange between May and a heckler left a bad taste in May's mouth.


"You know, this guy comes and starts spewing some garbage like I don't know how I've been performing. I've sucked, cut and dry. I'm young and I've been working hard to improve. Right now I'm having a rough time mentally and have been on edge. I'm anxious for the next game to try and turn this bad streak around"


May's sour streak has still shown promise. Two shutouts have seen May ranked as the third best goaltender in the upcoming VHL draft. May was asked about the poll but had no interest.


"It's great that I'm being considered a top goalie but I don't think I've played at a level to get there yet. Right now I'm here to help Houston win not think about my personal desires. I hate to think that I'm costing us games. I've talked to the general manager and he's been trying to reassure that young goaltenders struggle in this league, especially ones from Europe."


May hasn't been shy when it comes to the Houston Bulls General Manager. 


"He's been very helpful, he's one of the best goalies in the VHL. He's been supporting me along the way and making sure I feel comfortable in the league. I can't say enough good things about the guy. I hope to compete against him soon at the world's top level."


May since then has returned to Buffalo to practice with Martin Biron. 


"I'm a little too far to get back to Czechoslovakia, so I'll meet with Marty and work on some more complex stuff. He's a pretty funny guy and tends to cheer me up when I get in slumps. Can't wait to see him and get a little laugh."

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Reading this really made me feel for May. My favorite part was the story about letting in the easy goal in practice, and May's reaction to it. Does May think that Czechoslovakia still exists? How long has he been away from home? All in all, a good media post, and I hope May gets back into form and producing again


(except against Saskatoon).


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