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Storm struggling to find chemistry [1/2]

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The Minnesota Storm going into the season were widely viewed as the best team in the league. They had a literal handful of players that were right at the cut off to even play in the VHLM. People were widely expecting them to slaughter teams. Well… fast forward to now. The team is struggling to beat teams that they should be easily beating. Teams that are bad are outshooting them like it was nothing and their star players are getting frustrated.


One of those players is Orion Slade. Which comes to the surprise of no one really. For a man that is 8th in the league in scoring you would think he would be fine with his play and his teams play. But if you remember he wanted to purely dominate this season and twenty nine points is thirteen behind the league lead. Orion has been vocal in the teams locker room saying changes have to be made. One change is that he wants to be slotted on the left side or even the right side (prefers left) and let one of his line mates who is better in the faceoff circle play center. The league collectively seems to agree with him that they as a team need to get better in the faceoff circle. Yet changes have not been made. Coaching and top brass have not tried any new lines so far this season and Orion is getting a tad bit annoyed. “We come here to win a cup. On a promise to dominate. We have the talent to win. But we just can’t figure out a formula. I am not calling the GM bad or anything but he needs to take his head out of his ass and see that this team can be much better than it is right now”


Minnesota sits fourth in the league on sheer luck. The way they have been playing they should be in last place. They have lost to the Reapers a few times. A team that has four wins. A team this good should be slaughtering teams like that and they are not. While the rest of the team is less vocal about their concerns Orion seems to have taken on the mantle and will speak up till the needed changes are made. “I’m not saying that I am not happy to play for this team. We clearly have the players to win games and win a championship. Last season we easily won the cup in Vegas so maybe I am expecting it to be that easy the whole time. I don’t know. I am not unhappy, I do not want a trade. I believe in this team. But that can quickly change like anything else on this planet. I know a fact everyone is fearing every time they play us. Fearing what if that is the game we finally wake up and the slaughter begins. But we as a team cannot tell you when that will happen, and there lies the problem”



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