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VSN - S66 Mock Draft #1

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Welcome to the first mock draft of the S66 season. This draft is very deep offensively with 2 excellent player's destined to be some of the top TPE earners of all time. I am excited about this class of draftees and sure hope you are too. I have changed up the format a little from last season and hope you enjoy the article. Without further ado, let's get into the mock draft...


Mock Draft


:mos: 1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

C | 6' 3" | 250 lb. | Age: 49 | :usa: | YUK-square.png

TPE: 256 @Beaviss



Triple H has had quite the year already. This WWE legend and future HOFer has 2.2PPG so far and is on pace for 159 points this season. Whoever gets the first overall selection is sure to select this phenom. His ability to earn TPE is absurd and you can expect him to be one of the if not the highest TPE player of all time.


:cal: 2. Shane Mars 

LW | 6' 5" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | US.png | OSL-square.png

TPE: 233 @Spade18



Shane hasn't been producing at the same rate as the last season, however, the S64 Playoff MVP has been a good player for Minnesota already though and has been a presence defensively. The top 2 players from this draft class played on the same VHLM team last season and sometimes the same line. From teammates to rivals, we are going to have to see who prevails and becomes the first selection of the S66 VHL draft.


:dav:(From Helsinki) 3. Maximilian Kirbsson

C | 6' 0" | 195 lb. | Age: 18 | SE.png | HOU.png.c63c99609f2d60f007072a351f94e169 

TPE: 181  @Kirby



Davos has been playing a lot better than the dumpster fire they were last year. They have had some centreman problems recently and have had wingers try and convert into centers, but I think Kirbsson could be the piece they need to become one of the top teams in the league. They have a deep pool of young player's and a couple more could turn the tide for them. I could see Kirbsson helping Davos turn from a middle of the pack team to one of the top teams in the league.


:rig:(From New York) 4. Kari Jurri

LW | 6' 3" | 210 lb. | Age: 18 | NL.png | HOU.png.c63c99609f2d60f007072a351f94e169 

TPE: 182 @hockeyis66



Riga is coming off of an excellent performance last year. They are a top team already with a ton of young players. Add some more depth to that already stacked team and it becomes scary. Kari is a great young well-rounded player. He can put up a lot of points and is also defensively responsible. A player like this added to a team like Riga is a sight to see.


:dav: 5. Rhye Tyr

D | 5' 10" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | CA.png | HFX-square.png 

TPE: 151 @Plate



Rhye Tyr is a standout defenceman in a draft class with a few good defensemen. Playing on a strong Halifax team, Rhye has put up decent numbers so far. I expect him to become even better in the near future and hopefully even in the big leagues. Adding him to Davos would help them out a bunch. They could use a defenceman or two and Rhye would be an excellent fit.


:rig:(From Toronto) 6. Dimitri Volosenkov

LW | 6' 0" | 190 lb. | Age: 21 | RU.png | HFX-square.png 

TPE: 171 @SirRupertBarnes



Dimitri is a solid player who would make a great fit in Riga. Dimitri is playing on a solid Halifax team as their top winger. You can only expect him to improve from here as he still has 30 tpe left in his VHLM TPE cap. Riga already has a lot of great players in every position so he can expect some competition if he makes his way onto the Riga roster.


:rig:7. Mikko Aaltonen

RW | 6' 3" | 200 lb. | Age: 17 | FI.png | PHI.png.d8c8acd328dc7ff717c75310b98657a2 

TPE: 164 @GRZ



One of the best players on the new team of the Philadelphia Reapers, Mikko has shown he has shown he has what it takes. Philadelphia is sitting at the bottom of the standings and Mikko Aaltonen has still played well, as he is just under a point per game on a struggling team and still has 36 TPE till he hits the cap. I would say this player has a bright future ahead of him.


:dav:(From Seattle) 8. Shawnomir Jagr

RW | 6' 3" | 230 lb. | Age: 18 | CZ.png | SSK-square.png

TPE: 141 @TheLastOlympian07



Shawnomir Jagr is a great player although only 141 tpe. With 59 tpe left until he hits his cap, he already is putting up amazing numbers. I can only expect him to shoot up in the rankings. Davos has a solid crew of great young player's and Shawnomir Jagr would be an excellent addition to that group. I personally think Davos will be a monster of a team in the next couple of seasons and we should all keep an eye out for this team.


:que:9. Aron Nielsen

D | 6' 0" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | FO.png | OSL-square.png 

TPE: 134 @solas



Vancouver have been surprisingly good in their first season after expansion. Adding a great young player like Aron Nielsen would be great for them. They currently have 2 defenders and need more if they wish to maintain this. This draft isn't very deep with blueliners but Aron is a great player. He has a lot of room to build into but is still doing well. He is putting up great numbers and is very good defensively and I could see him fitting in well with the Vancouver Wolves.



This season is still young so you can expect a lot of changes to my mock draft throughout the season. Reply down below on what you would change and what you agree with. Let me know if I should change the format or anything else. :D

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On 3/10/2019 at 7:14 PM, rjfryman said:

No love for Julius Freeman.

Time to show them what you got. Though, to be fair, this draft is stupid deep, no shame in getting picked in the 2nd or 3rd round

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