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Passerelli Frustrated With 'Wild' Decision-Making

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Rookie right winger Emil Passerelli seemed rather annoyed following Saskatoon’s latest loss against the expansion team Philadelphia Reapers, as evidenced by his chilly response to a question as to what is going wrong.


“While I may not know if this is the root of all of our problems, I do feel as though the lines we’ve been using in this last stretch of games are asinine. I’m doing my absolute damnedest to help lift this hockey club to the heights I know it can reach, but when I’m relegated to third line minutes I can only do so much.”


In regards to a follow-up question about what’s being done to change the Wild’s fortune, Passerelli had this to say.


“The topic has been broached in the locker room and I’m hoping that lines change going forward. I can do so much more. We can do so much more. Losing day in and day out is crushing to morale. It’s time to turn it around.”

This exasperation comes after the Italian-American put up only three points in six games played, all of which were goals. Only one question remains. Can they turn it around?

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Our lines being auto completed makes no sense to me, but the current working theory is out releases messed the lines up and I failed to catch it. The lines should be back to something similar like the lines we had to start the season. 


I apologise, Sparrow. 

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