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Red Bull to Start New Season Series [1/2]

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Red Bull, the company responsible for top soccer teams in both Europe and America, has chosen a new direction with their advertisements. The Houston Bulls have been RED hot (pun intended). They currently are two points behind second place and sit in fourth tied in points with two other teams. As an expansion team, Houston has definitely turned some heads However, something stands out when it comes to the Houston Bulls. In twenty-six games played, the Houston Bulls have faced the Yukon Rush seventeen times and face each other five more times. Red Bull has reached out to the league and has signed up the two teams for the Red Bull Series. The games will be highly competitive with both teams exchanging blows.


The goal differential between the two sides is three points in favor of Houston with nine games being decided by one goal. The Bulls have won ten of the seventeen meetings between the two teams. The series has been a fan's dream. The Rush roster is highlighted by the league's point leader in Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The Bulls have two players on the top ten in points with players Kari Jurri and Maximillian Kirbsson. The three players alone combine for 126 points. The games are high flying and high scoring with the exception of the two shutouts produced by the Houston Defense. In the five remaining games between the two sides,  four will be in Yukon while just one will be in Houston. Fans interested in the event will get another chance next year, if unable to make any of the remaining five games. When asked Red Bull CEO, Dietrich Mateschitz, said he planned to keep the series going until he founded his own team in the VHL. In a released statement the US branch had this to say:


"We have always been at the front lines when it comes to pioneering the athletic spirit. We have found success in New York and once more want to play a part in North American sports. The inter-continental rivalry has caught the attention of our advisors. We have little experience with the VHL and have decided to test the series as a gateway to further involvement. The Houston Bulls and Yukon Rush have provided the people with excellent entertainment and we want to further the fan experience."


The slogan for the event is "Red Bull gives the players a Rush of energy to be competitive". Both teams will wear practice jersey's that modify their logos to the Red Bull trademark logo. As well as participate in a Team Vs Team skills competition in Houston and the final game in Yukon. After the five games are completed, whoever has won the most games (including previous games played) will win the Bull Rush trophy. Each year the winner will transfer the trophy to the other unless consecutive wins are achieved. Tiebreakers are in place for the future, in the off chance that an equal number of games are won between the two sides. This is sure to begin a very heated rivalry.

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Review: I knew the Bulls and Rush played a lot but 22 times! WOW LOL! I like this in depth look into the match up and I feel like you did a great job writing this article! Well done, try adding some pictures next time!  

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