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 Ok so if any of you haven't done this, make sure to. They're giving you like at least 13 free TPE. Choose the two stats that get you the highest result using the given formula and declare them. TPE will be awarded later.

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On 4/9/2019 at 6:55 PM, Banackock said:

You must list your player name and position or else I will not be counting your tpe for you. 

You have until the conclusion of the VHL playoffs to complete this.


1. Before the end of the VHL playoffs, players that want to and are eligible for TPE bonuses from the VHLM must declare in this thread their PRIMARY stats for tracking throughout the REGULAR SEASON. These stats will then be tracked for BONUS TPE and can be declared anytime throughout the season. 


2. Unless a declaration is made in this thread, players will not receive BONUS TPE at the end of the season for their achievements. This thread will be locked upon completion of the VHL playoffs. 


3. Inactive players cannot have their declarations be posted by their team GMs.


4. The following stat achievements can be declared for skaters:

Shot Blocks
+/- Rating 

Faceoffs Won


5. Forward Achievements (Choose 2): 
Shot Blocks/15
+/- Rating/6 (Above +0)
Fights 2 points per fight

FO Won/150


6. Defensemen Achievements (Choose 2): 
Shot Blocks/20
+/- Rating/6 (Above +0)
Fights 2 points per fight


7. Goalie Achievements (All APPLICABLE) 
40 Games Started = 5 TPE
Save % 0.900+ = 5 TPE
Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE
Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO


8. Declaration Form Format (Put choices in the order they are listed)


Player Name
Choice 1 
Choice 2



Mitch Higgins


*Please note that goalies do not select any choices, but must submit a TPE declaration.


9. S67 Prospects are not eligible 


10. The VHLM Achievement Tracker is capped at 20 TPE per player, with a minimum cap at 13 TPE per player. 


11. TPE from the Tracker cannot be applied to your player until the payout thread is posted by a VHLM Commissioner


@VHLM Commissioner




*EDIT* It's not simply that the minimum goes up to 13, it's that whatever the formula gives you, add 3 to it. So if you'd otherwise have earned 13, you now have 16. You still max out at 20.

Why are Defenceman assists / by 10 and points are / by 7?


shouldnt it be the other way around?

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