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(S65) The Cubs of the Wolves! (Vancouver Young Guns)

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Right Winger: Jorgon Weyed

Jorgon has been the best skater in this group of young guns, leading all Wolves Young Guns with 22 goals and 25 assists, for an okay total of 47 points. He hasn't been a star or a must-watch player but he is solid and has potential. I feel like he will be one of those players who become stars later in their career.

Goaltender: Joe Nixon

This rookie goaltender has only played 22 games but damn has he been impressive for a rookie. Sure, 22 games isn't really enough to determine much about his future, but with a record of 11-4-2 and a good goals-against-average of 2.67, I think it's safe to say he will have a good future in this league.

Defensemen: Jagger Philliefan

The guy who is the reason I now have "Moves Like a Jagger" stuck in my head, Jagger has been a good defenseman for Vancouver. The Rookie defenseman has 2 goals and 40 assists for a total of 42 points. Sure, he hasn't been superstar-like but he's been good considering he's a rookie. Jagger has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see his future and how he grows as a player.

Center: Gritty
Gritty, the former mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers, is a young center. He may only have 11 goals and 12 assists (making 23 points) but he is solid. He can shoot, he can score. But he needs to shoot more. He only has 128 shots. Let's look at Orroya, the league's leader in goals. 483 shots. But he's young too, which means this can change and in time he could be a superstar. But, as of now, he's an okay player.

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