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S65 Trivia Week 6 - Results

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Yeah, question 2 annoys me a bit now because it's not massively difficult but making it easier would just give away the answer. Oh well.


1. Which Helsinki GM has won the most Continental Cups? (credit to @Matt_O - 1 uncapped TPE)

This one's pretty simple - Mitch Higgins won 4 championships across two stints as GM, as can be most easily seen here:

William Shaw is the only other Titans GM with 2.


2. The S43 Seattle Bears are unique for what reason?

There's a reason I often say this was the worst ever team to win the Continental Cup - because all 4 statements are true.


Their GM, Bushito, went inactive during their cup-winning season and was replaced by Higgins. However, this was not the first time this happened to Bushito - he was also replaced midway through S31 just before Davos won the cup. Again, that can be found by scanning this list:


They won the cup despite going into the playoffs as the third seed in their conference - note this is the correct answer, because I wouldn't classify the third placed team in the current set-up as equivalent to third seed in a conference (i.e. 5th/6th placed team in the league). This probably caused some confusion which is unfortunate but really teams could only qualify for this criteria from S31 to S57 (and maybe in the future), but none did. Easiest place to find that? Probably here:



Indeed, the Bears also had no Hall of Famers, but so did a few other teams - S16 Riga was the first, but more obviously S64 Toronto and S63 Riga and a few other recent winners.


Finally, Seattle did miss the playoffs in S42 and in S44, but Toronto, winners in S29, missed in both S28 and S30, so the Bears are not alone there.




2 capped TPE goes to:

solas @solas

Enorama @Enorama

Smarch @Smarch

bucky___lastard @Bucky___lastard

Anthony Matthews @Anthony Matthews

Gabella19 @Gabella19

SlapshotDragon @SlapshotDragon

DollarAndADream @DollarAndADream

gorlab @gorlab

Kylrad @Kylrad

littleboi @littleboi

rjfryman @rjfryman

Thranduil @Thranduil

Matmenzinger @Matmenzinger

BladeMaiden @BladeMaiden

hedgehog337 @hedgehog337


1 capped TPE goes to:

Velevra @Velevra

SirRupertBarnes @SirRupertBarnes

TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07

Beketov @Beketov

MexicanCow123 @MexicanCow

jblock3 @jblock3

Matt_O @Matt_O

bluesfan55 @bluesfan55

11 Eleven @11 Eleven

DMaximus @DMaximus


philliefan @Philliefan

Oilmandan @oilmandan

jRuutu @jRuutu

Patpou22 @Patpou22

Jubo07 @Jubo07

zepheter @zepheter

omgitshim @omgitshim

TacticalHammer @TacticalHammer

ItsMcLovin @ItsMcLovin

Jayhawk @Jayhawk

Sonnet @Sonnet

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

nethi99 @nethi99

GustavMattias @GustavMattias

Hybrid1486 @Hybrid1486

RunnerBert11 @RunnerBert11

Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong

Renomitsu @Renomitsu

Sogarn @Sogarn


Spade18 @Spade18

gregreg @gregreg

PSanchez55 @Psanchez55

Kuch9 @Kuch9

xsjack @xsjack

Xdpark @xDParK

Theflash @TheFlash

Grape @Grape

efiug @efiug

okocha5 @okocha5

FacebookFighter @FacebookFighter

Infernal @Infernal

Nykonax @Nykonax

Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7

Radcow @Radcow

flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453

Snussu @Snussu

SparrowLTD @SparrowLTD

StamkosFan @StamkosFan

Toasty @Toasty

bushito @Bushito

Kirby @Kirby

SidTheKid87 @SidTheKid87

FrostBeard @FrostBeard



Week 7, probably the last one of the season, will commence tomorrow.


Final word on changing answers: Honestly, I'm fine with it. It's not like you can cheat because 1) I'll obviously see if you just made 4 entries guessing every possible answers and 2) if you arrive at the right answer in the end I feel like that's fair play. I don't think it should happen often - it doesn't, but on a tougher question why not.


Not going to accept changes to the above list from this point though. I've little sympathy for the trivia cartel which basically feeds answers to most of everyone else, especially when for some reason you went for the answer which is one of the easiest to unprove (by checking the GM list or asking Bushito). Or you could have reached out to me as several people did - I'm not going to give away the answer but I did clarify the point about the 3rd seed.


Anyway, long story short, it's 1 TPE, I'm sure some have got that TPE by other means, the final season leaderboard is 1) not skewed by 1 TPE margins as it's grouped by 2 TPE, and 2) most people lost out here so not much ground is lost.



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