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Malmo Nighthawks Vision

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So where do the Malmo Nighthawks go with this off-season’s expansion draft and entry draft? Do they enter the FA races in order to try and build around some of the youth that they may acquire in their drafts? Will the Nighthawks build a team that can compete right away, or will they go the rebuilding route? I’ll try to answer these questions as much as I can, as I will talk about my vision for the Malmo Nighthawks.


Expansion Draft – This really depends on where the other GM’s go with their protection lists, but I will naturally probably look a bit younger.  If I’m picking between someone who I feel has good potential and could play six or more seasons with Malmo, and someone who is a bit better but is already in the prime, I’ll definitely look more for the future talent.  That being said, I’m not opposed to having a bit more competitive team as I want to foster a good position for this team and for my young players coming in.


Entry Draft – This really is a big question.  I don’t really know where I will be drafting yet and I know a lot of speculation is that I will take a goalie with my first pick.  It’s definitely possible with the forward and defender depth, though there are also a few solid goaltenders to pick from, so I definitely have a lot to think about.  A lot may also hinge on where I draft, because if I end up around fifth or sixth pick, I may be more tempted by some of the skater talent available.  Ultimately though, with a lot of holes to fill on this Nighthawks team, I probably will look at Best Player Available in regards to forwards and defenders.  Therefore, we will have to see where I will be picking and see what is available as I really don’t have a specific player I’m looking at pre-draft.


Free Agency – It’s definitely a possibility.  I will certainly be throwing some offers out there to field an active and fun LR and to get some guys to support my young squad.  I’ll have the cap and the roster space to make some aggressive moves but it will all come down to where these guys want to play.  Whether or not they want to join an expansion team that is looking for a thriving environment that could cause some problems for other teams.  I’m guessing that most will not, but I will still certainly take some shots in order to fill up the Nighthawks with the best roster available.  So for all Free Agents, I hope you consider us!


So that will do it for this media spot on my vision for the Nighthawks.  Obviously I can’t say too much but I most certainly will be doing most of my talking with the actions that will come over the coming weeks.  I’m very invested and looking forward to filling this team with the first talent in its history.

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