Lotto - Live vs. Not Live

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That is the question. Historically I have done lottos live but I don’t have a ton of free time right now to record it. I can pretty easily do the lotto and post the results but setting up the recording is a lot more difficult. So, do people really care if it’s live? If you don’t really that much I can do the lotto at lunch tomorrow when I sim. If you do then it’ll have to be some time later.

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I care if its live if I dont get the results I wanted. I dont care if its live or not if I do get the results I want.


Post the results tomorrow, in all seriousness I don't care if its live. Just screenshot it or something

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8 hours ago, Beaviss said:

They do I thought first team eliminated gets a pick in the loto.

Not anymore since 4 teams don’t make the playoffs. Was mentioned in the expansion thread last season.

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