Top 25 S66 Wingers [1/2]

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Top 25 Wingers Drafted

With the VHL draft just happening we will take a look at the 25 best wingers that were selected. Please note that these rankings are in the current TPE that all of these player are at, anything could change in just a week or even a day.



25. 122 TPE LW Ben Hafkey, Vancouver Wolves, 53rd overall @ItsMcLovin

Ben Hafkey is a great scoring option for the Reapers and he might end up being a scoring threat for them this upcoming season. Hafkey has shown some flashes of brilliance in S65 scoring 6 goals and adding 5 assists in 22 games. Expect him to score plenty for them this next season. Hafkey might be a good depth player after playing a year with the Reapers.


24. 126 TPE LW Dylan Doyle, Calgary Wranglers, 52nd overall @zepheter

Dylan Doyle may have struggled to score in his first year with him only scoring 2 goals and 3 points in 22 S65 games. Doyle, just like Hafkey is another dangerous scoring option for Philadelphia. In the upcoming season he may even play more than Hafkey so he may be their top line left winger. He however has some weak points in his game as he isn’t that great defensively and has low discipline.


23. 135 TPE LW John Perdue, Seattle Bears, 58th overall @johnnyhockey42

Perdue is another player who played a full season but in season 65 he was a great second-line scoring option for his team as he scored 22 times and also had 29 assists for a 51 point season. Perdue is a player who has honed his scoring abilities and puck handling abilities so much that he was able to put up 50 points in his first season. Even though he isn’t as quik as some other players he also has a fairly good defensive game. If Perdue returns to being active he might be a late round steal because he has a bit of an advantage.


22. 139 TPE LW Blake Gaudette, Davos Dynamo, 34th overall @Gaudette

Gaudette is another winger in this draft who has got a lot of scoring skill but unlike a lot of players, he played a full season where he recorded 11 goals and 20 assists through 72 games. Even though Gaudette is a proven scorer in the league he also has a lot of defensive skill, something which a lot of young players lack. Gaudette may just end up being a huge boost to the Dynamo offence after another year and he may become even better than he is now.


21. 142 TPE LW Devin Gabella, Moscow Menace, 50th overall @Gabella19

Devin Gabella is another player who did not play a full season but he still scored 4 goals and 3 assists through 24 games in S65. Gabella is a player who has a ton of raw scoring talent but is also extremely good in his own zone. Gabella has an extremely good defensive stat but his speed is also great. After a year of developing his skills he could be a genuine threat on both ends of the ice.


20. 151 TPE LW Blake Laughton, Malmo Nighthawks, 47th overall @Grape

Yet another player who loves to score shows up on our rankings with Blake Laughton. In S65 he only scored 7 goals with 6 assists throughout one whole season. Laughton however will have increased scoring chances next year playing a top six role. Laughton’s scoring prowess is there and he still needs  a bit of work on his strength, but other than that he should end up as a solid pick-up after a season.


19. 153 TPE LW Cody Smith, Calgary Wranglers, 42nd overall @cody73

Cody Smith is a player who went all-in at the end of last season to benefit his team, Halifax in the playoffs. With him only scoring 3 goals and only 10 assists we were concerned about his production numbers, but with the amount of depth that Halifax had last season he was limited to only a third line role. He is one of the more well-rounded players but he still has the potential to score 30 or so goals this season with his scoring abilities. Smith may end up as an all-round threat for Calgary after a season of development.


18. 164 TPE RW AJ Axelsen, Moscow Menace, 41st overall @littleboi

AJ Axelsen, the first RW on the list, he is one of the few players who has invested in his passing abilities and this may end up helping his team as they will have a solid playmaker on their first line rather than just three pure goal-scorers. Axelsen is also a player with exceptional speed on the ice and stellar puck handling skills. His defensive game is not too shabby either with him recording 24 hits in 38 games last season. Even though his scoring was a little bit bad last season, with him only getting 3 goals and 2 assists, we have confidence in his ability to break out this year.


17. 169 TPE LW Hunter Wagner, New York Americans, 45th overall @Inf1d3l

Hunter Wagner might be one of the better all-round players drafted, with both a strong scoring record and a solid defensive game. Last season Wagner definitely went off, scoring 39 times and adding 36 assists. Wagner should be a great depth pick for most teams, after a year of developing he be very VHL ready.


16. 189 TPE RW Emil Passerelli, Moscow Menace, 35th overall @SparrowLTD

Emil Passerelli is a player who always passes first as demonstrated through his first season in the VHLM where he recorded only 26 goals but had 40 assists. While it is doubtful whether he will stay in the VHLM or try his luck in the big leagues he may have a huge impact as a bottom six playmaker and as secondary scoring.


15. 191 TPE LW Edgar Tannahill,  Moscow Menace, 25th overall @gregreg

Tannahill is most probably headed to the majors where he may have an instant impact as depth scoring for whatever team picks him up. He may end up being a solid player in the VHL if he continues to grow throughout the next season and could be a solid pickup. Tannahill will definitely be a great player for the Menace and will likely be a big part of their rebuild.


14. 194 TPE RW John Frostbeard, Calgary Wranglers, 12th overall @FrostBeard

John Frostbeard was drafted first overall by the Reapers in the dispersal draft, but he may not even end up playing in it next year as he is only 16 TPE off of the cutoff for the VHLM. it will be interesting to see what type of an impact this speedy winger will have next year in either the VHLM or VHL. Last season he demonstrated his scoring ability by scoring 21 goals and 48 assists for a 69 point year. If he decides to stay in the minors he may have a chance at being the league’s highest scorer.


13. 199 TPE RW Matt Tocco, Moscow Menace, 31st overall @Matmenzinger

Matt Tocco is likely rumoured to be heading to the big leagues after only one slow season in the minors where he recorded 9 goals and 9 assists playing as a depth player on his VHLM team. Tocco might become a solid threat after one season as he demonstrated in S65, starting off in the middle of the season and ending it with close to 160 TPE. He may end up playing a depth role in the VHL. He is an extremely speedy winger who is also able to score some goals for his team, and his defensive game is not bad either.


12. 199 TPE RW Nethila Dissanayake, Calgary Wranglers, 26th overall @nethi99

Dissanayake is a player who may stay in the VHLM for his team but it is likely that he’ll decide to play in the big league. Earlier last year he made history by being the first ever player to be born in Sri Lanka. The big Sri Lankan did not take long to be a huge impact player for his team last season, scoring 29 goals with 45 assists for a wild 74 point season. No doubt that he will bring a lot to whatever team he goes to with his slick skating and solid scoring. Something that he lacks is a good defensive game.


11. 199 TPE RW Aleksander Rodriguez, Riga Reign, 24th overall @Jtv123

Rodriguez is almost guaranteed to go up to the big league, unless he commits to a VHLM team early on, which might be the case. If he decides to stay down another year he will be a force in the VHLM and will be unstoppable. He may have disappointed a little bit in his first year by scoring only 24 goals and 35 assists but after becoming a lot better at the start of the season he will be far better next year.


10. 199 TPE LW Kyle Sabertooth, Vancouver Wolves, 18th overall @uphillmoss

Tiebreaker was points in S65

Sabertooth was a great player in the VHLM in S65 and he may have a big impact in the VHL next year, if he keeps upgrading and getting better. He will definitely be a great selection for the Wolves. Sabertooth put up 32 goals and 44 assists last season and he is a great allround player who can play well defensively and is a very speedy goalscorer.


9. 209 TPE LW Karri Jurri, Moscow Menace, 48th overall @hockeyis66

Jurri is a very skilled player who can score a lot and will definitely be a threat if he returns to activity. He is a very great scorer and can provide secondary scoring for Moscow and he also is not bad playing defensively. The only bad thing is that he has been inactive for almost two months now and might not return for Moscow.


8. 233 TPE LW Valeri Morozov, Seattle Bears, 20th overall @Dangles13

Morozov is another player who has a little bit of concern on activity, with him not updating even once in the past week or so. Morozov may be a speedy scorer but his passing is quite concerning as is his strength. If he decides not to work on these attributes it could be troublesome for him in the majors.


7. 282 TPE LW Chico Smeb, Davos Dynamo, 19th overall @xDParK

Smeb is another player who has invested a lot in his scoring but this has left some empty space with his strength and his defense is also weaker than the average player. Although these stats are a bit weak he still will have the opportunity to strengthen them as he has not yet applied the 72 TPE. Smeb will definitely be a great secondary scorer for Davos and after a year he may end up with a larger role.


6. 294 TPE RW Arnor Sigurdsson, Riga Reign, 9th overall @bluesfan55

Sigurdsson is a player who has a great offensive game but he has some struggles on the defensive end and also he is not the best of passers. However, he still can apply the 84 banked TPE. Arnor will most certainly be a depth role at Riga with both Aaltonen and Preencarnacion as better right wingers than him. In the future however, the Reign will have a solid one-two punch at the right wing position.


5. 298 TPE RW Shawnomir Jagr, Vancouver Wolves, 14th overall @TheLastOlympian07

Into the top five now, and Shawnomir Jagr will be starting us off. Jagr is a player who has very great scoring skills and also has an extremely good defensive game. He will start to become relevant for the Wolves almost immediately and may end up as a solid VHL scorer after a couple of seasons. On the flip side, Jagr’s passing is extremely weak and he is also extremely undisciplined.


4. 326 TPE LW Dimitri Volosenkov, Moscow Menace, 17th overall @SirRupertBarnes

Dimitri Volosenkov was drafted quite low despite having such a high TPE. Volosenkov has an extremely complete game and will develop into one of Moscow’s gems if he continues to get better. Volosenkov may have a lot of great stats but he needs to work on his passing and his strength.


3. 337 TPE RW Mikko Aaltonen, Riga Reign, 4th overall @GRZ

Aaltonen was the highest drafted right winger in the draft and he will continue his dominance in the VHL. Aaltonen will bolster the Riga roster and will take the Latvian squad very far next year if he continues to grow. He is a very skilled puck handler and can skate very well, but some low points of his game are his checking and his strength. Alongside the aforementioned Arnor Sigurdsson, Riga will be able to roll out three strong right wingers.


2. 349 TPE LW Julius Freeman, Vancouver Wolves, 2nd overall @rjfryman

After being taken surprisingly early in the draft at second overall, Freeman will have to work extremely hard to take over the top LW spot from Shane Mars. Freeman is a player who is an extremely talented scorer as well as a speedy scorer with great puck handling and passing skills. Freeman is a player who is almost perfectly ready for the VHL except for the fact that his strength is not as good as some of his other stats and he is also not the best checker.


1. 358 TPE LW Shane Mars, Seattle Bears, 3rd overall @Spade18

Mars is a player who has dominated the S66 draft class for so long but was still drafted at third. Mars is very worrying because he still has not applied the 159 extra TPE yet and he may be passed by others if he doesn’t apply it quickly. If he does apply it, and continues to develop and grow he will be a sure steal for the Bears at third.


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claiming for 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26

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Great article! @littleboi I was drafted 17th last season in the VHLM draft. S66 VHL I was taken 5th. Great read though.


Side note. I think my boy @rjfryman is #1 despite the small TPE difference. Jules is a legend

Edited by SirRupertBarnes

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60 (59) pts for a 100 TPA guy is quite good on the second worst team compared to Sabertooth with second line ice time most of the year (75%) ~ Aleksander Rodriguez

But I shall prove it on the ice next season!

(Great article tho)

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2 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

60 (59) pts for a 100 TPA guy is quite good on the second worst team compared to Sabertooth with second line ice time most of the year (75%) ~ Aleksander Rodriguez

But I shall prove it on the ice next season!

(Great article tho)

 We shall see

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