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2 hours ago, Devise said:

My PC monitor broke, I'll be able to get things sorted tomorrow but alas you shall be waiting on a Thursday sim unless @Beketov handles it the morning.

I can try to run through a quick one for you in the morning. Just gotta figure out where in the lines and roster changes you were.

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3 hours ago, Beketov said:

@Devise Just did 5 days for you so that should cover yesterday, today, and 1 extra just to try and catch the leagues up a bit.


All good I'll have my monitor fixed today. 


Edit: Thanks Bek I'm good we'll resume normal simming again tomorrow. No there will not be regularly 23 games a sim so don't get used to that VHLM players. :P Given that we play some 30 more games in the regular season than the VHL due to having 1 extra team and the fact that STHS scheduling tries to regulate how many games teams player per game that is why we saw a difference in games total. VHLM was not technically "behind" in terms of actual real days of sim or missed game days. VHL was lining up however where Bek would have 2 game day situations with 6 or less games, so he would sim and extra day to make up for the scheduling. I rarely encountered shorter game days, in fact sometimes there are stretches where a game day is just 5 games so only one team isn't playing. Those extra days put VHL ahead a game or two every odd sim and eventually got to the gap we have. As I said in the Discord, if as we near the end of the season VHLM remains behind by 10 or so games again we'll just sim out what we need to catch up with ample notice for GM's to send lines in. 



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