VHLM Newsletter - 29th Edition

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The season has begun! Welcome to the S66 season ladies and gentlemen! Both the VHL and VHLM have started their seasons with the new expansion teams and it's been fun to watch so far! As always, this edition of the VHLM Newsletter will contain:


1) Uncapped TPE OpportunitiesAny time there's a one-off or once-a-season point task available to enter, you'll find out about it in the early headlines of the article.

2) League RecapThe middle of the Newsletter is generally based around keeping you up to speed with what's going on around the league, be that changes to how the league works, new features or how the current VHLM season is progressing.

3) TPE Earning GuideThe bottom section of the Newsletter follows the same format each week. There, you will be provided with the links you need to get to the regular TPE earning activities. 


Before we start with anything I would like to remind you about the Official VHL Discord ServerThe discord is a great place for you to connect with other members of the site and get help with anything you need! I would highly recommend joining and being apart of the community there. Like the last VHLM Newsletter, some of this newsletter will re-tread on the old ground as, with this being a VHLM newsletter, there will inevitably be new members reading this for the first time that won’t be aware of what was in previous newsletters. So what I’ll do is put a bold *NEW* next to any information specifically made for this newsletter so players who have read these before knowing where to go to find the new info!


1) Uncapped TPE Opportunities



Weekly Reddit Threads *NEW*

No new weekly Reddit thread this week, but make sure to check out last weeks if you haven't already by clicking the link here.


Recruit a Friend TPE *NEW*

Probably the best way to earn some uncapped TPE is to recruit a friend! You can receive some hefty uncapped TPE bonuses by recruiting a friend and helping them make a player! You can earn up to 15 Uncapped TPE from a single recruitment! For more information, click this link.


Practice Facility

Every week, players in the VHLM are granted 2 free TPE every week for simply posting in the practice facility thread. If you haven't already, go post your player name and "+2" here.


Career PT - Player Biography

Once per career, you can write a biography about your player for a whopping TEN uncapped TPE! The biography must be at least 1000 words in length while detailing the history of your player's life, starting off the ice and eventually working up toward it. A more specific rubric can be found on the page here. When claiming the TPE for this task, make sure you submit it under via portal as "Other" --> "Biography"


Career PT - Rookie Profile

Once per career, you can write a rookie profile that specifically details your player's strengths and weaknesses on the ice. Think of this like a scouting report, where you're telling GMs what to expect out of your player. A more detailed rubric for the rookie profile can be found on this page. This report must be at least 500 words in length, and focus only on your player's on-ice attributes. When turning this task in, be sure to submit it under "Other" --> "Rookie Profile"


Practice Facility

Every week, players in the VHLM are granted 2 free TPE every week for simply posting in the practice facility thread. If you haven't already, go post your player name and "+2" here.


The VHL Fantasy Zone

Every week, players are given the chance to guess the results of upcoming VHL games. This comes in two different forms- the weekly Pick 'Em's (which are worth 2 uncapped TPE for getting all of them correct), and the weekly Score Prediction (which is worth 3 uncapped TPE for getting correct). Even if you don't get it right, it's worth a shot to take a look at the games and give it your best guess! If you want, you can even cheat and copy the guesses of a member that's already posted. These will be posted in this subforum every week.


Player Store- First Generation Doubles Week

If you've got the money (1.5m in player store cash, the amount of every VHLM contract) you can purchase a doubles week if you're on your first player. For those who haven't had one before, a doubles week allows you to claim an extra 6 uncapped TPE if you submit a media spot, graphic, or podcast! Visit the shop and spreadsheet in this thread for details on how to purchase it.


The VHLM Fantasy Zone

The VHL Fantasy Zone's younger brother allows you to earn even more uncapped TPE for guessing the correct winners and scores. However, these predictions are only available to players within the VHLM, so make use of them while you can! The VHLM Fantasy Zone differs in its TPE rewards, in that the weekly Pick 'Em's are only worth 2 uncapped TPE, but guessing the correct score is worth 4! These will be posted in this subforum every week.


The First Generation Bonus

As a thank you to the newer members for sticking around and participating in the league, we're offering 10 free uncapped TPE for your first player, once they cross the 100 TPE milestone! If you've passed that mark, or are about to pass that mark, make a post in this thread and use it to submit an update. To make the job of the updates easier, please select "Other" when applying the update and fill out the box as seen below:




2) League Recap


Both VHL and VHLM seasons have begun this week! Let's take a quik look at the first games of the season!


Game #1. :yuk: Yukon Rush (1 - 0) :ott: Ottawa Lynx


This was a close game which ended in a shootout victory by the Yukon Rush. Both Pekka Pouta and Justin Cole had stellar performances and tried to keep their teams in it. Ultimately, Justin Cole stood strong and secured the victory by stopping 36 Lynx shots. The only time a puck sneaked by a keeper was the 6th shot in the shootout when Adama Traore beat Pekka Pouta. This was an entertaining performance by both sides, but there ultimately can be only one victor.


Game #2. :ssk: Saskatoon Wild (4 - 3) :veg: Las Vegas Aces


Vegas lead the game by one goal going into the third period, but tallies by both John Perdue and Raphael Nazarians helped Saskatoon complete a comeback and take the game 4-3. Another player who had a game-changing impact was Rocky LaGarza who had an assist on every goal scored by Saskatoon. A great performance by LaGarza and rest of the Wild got them the 2 points and the W they wanted heading into the game.


Game #3. :hou: Houston Bulls (3 - 4) :osl: Minnesota Storm


Minnesota completes a comeback by scoring 3 goals back to back to take the league from the hands of the Bulls. With the excellent 3 assist performance by BALLS McZherl, the Storm were able to defeat the Bulls. Not a great game for goaltenders though as both of them had a save percentage under 0.850.


Game #4. :sdm:San Diego Marlins (2 - 4) :hfx: Halifax 21st


The first team to play their inaugural game out of the expansion teams was the San Diego Marlins who unfortunately couldn't take home the W. The lost to Anton Edvin and his Halifax 21st team 4-2. Halifax was able to net 3 goals in the first period which sealed the deal. San Diego wasn't able to come back from that dominating first-period performance. Another thing San Diego was unsuccessful at was capitalizing on their powerplay opportunities. Only scoring on 1 out of the 7 powerplay's they had, they missed out on this great chance to come ahead in this game.


Game #5. :phi:Philadelphia Reapers (4 - 2) :mis: Mississauga Hounds


Walter Clements helps Philadelphia beat the Mississauga Hounds in their first ever game. Walter put up a goal and 3 assists for 4 points on the night, which helped him be the first star of the game. Walter Clements' Philadelphia Reapers also dominated Mississauga in the shots column 35 to 15, and it was surprising to see how Mississauga wasn't too far off goals wise.


Stars of the Week *NEW*


I'd also like to introduce something I will be doing every week, the stars of the week! Each week after the recaps of the games, I will be stating who I think are the first, second, and third stars of the week.


★ First Star ★


Rocky LaGarza

:ssk: | RW | @SwagSloth

7GP 9G 10A 19P



Rocky LaGarza was hands down the best player this last week for me. Other than the fact he's leading the league in Goals, Assists, AND Points, he has helped his Saskatoon Wild be very dominating and be ranked #2 in the league. Rocky has been a great player for the Wild in the first 7 games of this season posting crazy, league-leading numbers. No doubt in my mind this guy is the first star.


★★ Second Star ★★


Pekka Pouta

:ott: | G | @Snussu

7GP 5W 2L 0.942SVV% 1.13GAA 3SO


Pekka has been VERY dominating so far in this season. Already leading the league in GAA, SVV%, and Shutouts, Pekka Pouta has been Ottawa's best player hands down. Although it is very early, it's clear to say Pekka is going to be one of the better goalies in the league this season. His numbers are absolutely absurd and he is a key piece for Ottawa. Easily the second star of the week, if not a great contender for first.


★★★ Third Star ★★★


Josh Perdue

:ssk: | LW | @johnnyhockey42

7GP 3G 10A 13P


Tied for second in the league for points and second for assists, Josh Perdue has been a great asset for Saskatoon so far and one of the reasons Rocky LaGarza has been so dominate this season. Josh has been more of a sniper in the past but it'll be interesting to see how he changes up and steps into more of a playmaker role for Saskatoon this season.



3) TPE Earning Guide


First Generation Bonus

-          Some of you will soon be reaching the point where you will surpass 100 TPE and to offer some thanks for sticking around with us for that long, we give you guys 10 Free TPE! If you are over 100 TPE or have an update that will take you over 100 TPE, you can claim your 10 Free TPE by going to the Player Management screen, going to Claim Other TPE and filling in the box that pops up as displayed in the image below using this link (https://vhlforum.com/topic/49868-first-generation-bonus/) in the link box.




Recruiting new members to the league not only helps the league by filling out team rosters, but it also sets you up to earn some lucrative TPE! To find out more about the rewards for recruiting members, go HERE. On top of that, there is a 1 uncapped TPE reward for upvoting the weekly Reddit post (It has not yet been released for this week, but I recommend keeping an eye out for it).


Weekly Capped Point Task Opportunities (You Can Earn Up To 12 TPE From The Following)

-          You can submit either a Media article of 500 wordsa Graphic or a ten minute Podcast for 6 TPE. If you don’t have time to submit for any of these this week though, there is Welfare available to claim for at least 4 TPE.

-          You can submit a 150 word article and a Player Card for 2 TPE each. You can also submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE.

-          You can get a maximum of 2 TPE by answering and asking questions in the Press Conferences. If you are short of answers, you can answer questions in the VHLM Press Conference for 2 TPE.

-          You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts. Check out the guide to reviewing HERE.

-          There is weekly VHL Trivia where you are asked two VHL-related questions, answer both correctly and you will earn 2 TPE for the week. In addition, players will be able to earn up to 6 uncapped TPE at the end of the season, 1 TPE for every week they submitted for trivia. 


Uncapped Point Task Opportunities

-          There is 2 TPE to be earned from posting in this week’s Practice Facility

-          There is the VHLM Pickem and Predict the Score (in the VHLM Fantasy Zone). If you correctly guess the results, you will earn uncapped TPE for your player! You'll be able to participate in the VHL Fantasy Zone as well.

-          You can submit a 500-word Rookie Profile for 8 TPE and a 1000 word Biography for 10 TPE. These two are one time only point tasks.

-          If you haven't already, make sure to spend some of your contract/sponsorship money on the First Generation Package in the Player Store. It's an exceptionally cheap purchase that gives you five uncapped TPE.


Trivia Assistance

No trivia this week, but I recommend looking at this section on the next Newsletter to help you earn some easy capped TPE and add to an uncapped TPE bonus at the end of the season!


Video Tutorial


This is a video tutorial of how to improve your player through point tasks that was made about two months ago. The idea was that we were going to have this edited to a better standard before the Season 64 Draft, but that hasn't come to pass yet, so I'll just release the raw footage for now. If you need timestamps for something in particular, here they are:

Capped TPE

0:27 - Overview of Capped TPE
1:38 - Media Spots
2:39 - Graphics
4:16 - Podcast
5:09 - VHL.com/Player Cards/VHL Radio
7:06 - Press Conferences
9:00 - Trivia
11:59 - Reviewing
13:22 - Jobs
14:13 - Welfare

Uncapped TPE
16:14 - VHL/VHLM Fantasy Zone
17:08 - Practice Facility
17:44 - Yearly Award Predictions
18:35 - VHFL
19:33 - VHL Lottery (out of date)
20:35 - Rookie Profile
21:21 - Biography
22:30 - Donations (out of date)

Adding TPE to your Player
24:00 - Updating



That concludes the 29th edition of the VHLM Newsletter! If you feel like there is something I can improve or change, let me know! See you next week :D



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Recruit a Friend TPE *NEW*

Probably the best way to earn some uncapped TPE is to recruit a friend! You can receive some hefty uncapped TPE bonuses by recruiting a friend and helping them make a player! You can earn up to 15 Uncapped TPE from a single recruitment! For more information, click this link.


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