VHLM Power Rankings - Weeks 1+2

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                After sixteen STHS days, sixty-seven games have been played by the eleven teams. Themes are starting to develop, and the teams are starting to show their abilities. The league has been showing some interesting things in the standings with the three expansion teams making some waves.

                These rankings are all in my opinion and are as unbiased as I can be.


1. Philadelphia Reapers


                No real surprise here. Philadelphia sits top of the standings despite a couple recent upsets by San Diego and Yukon. They had to strong wins recently beating the 2ndplace Ottawa 5-3 and the streaking Mississauga team 6-3. Due to their depth they lack a star, but they have two players tied for 7th in points. Their goalie, Kolur Bjoernsson, has been pretty strong and is 3rd in both SV% and GAA.


2. Ottawa Lynx


                Ottawa had a nine-game win streak going before it got popped by Philadelphia. That being said, they only played a top five team twice. Beating Halifax 7-2 and Minnesota 4-0. They lack a star player as their top goal scorer sits tied for 13th and tied for 15th in points. Their key to success is their goalie, Pekka Pouta. He has the 2nd best SV% and 1st in GAA. It’ll be up to him to keep them winning.


3. Saskatoon Wild


                Saskatoon has had a weak showing recently going 3-3 in their last 6 games. Losing to San Diego, Halifax and Philadelphia. Rocky LaGarza is a star player for them and sits 1st in points with 24 and 1st in goals with 11. They’ll be looking for better performances out of their goalie Jaun Jaundice who sits 7th in SV%. They’ve picked up Kefka Palazzo, Fylo Gibbles and Milan Griffin this week so we will have to see what impact they have.


4. Mississauga Hounds


                Mississauga went streaking winning five straight before dropping a game to Philadelphia. They beat the likes of Minnesota and Halifax in close games while dispatching Las Vegas and San Diego easily. They have two top 5 players in points, as well as Hulk Hogan the league leading defenceman in points. They picked up two defensemen, Noah Hanley and Daman Veyalon, which should help their push as they’ve only played the last two games.


5. San Diego Marlins


                San Diego has been doing well lately, coming close against Saskatoon and back to back wins against Philadelphia and Saskatoon. San Diego has been playing a very offence orientated style of game but only have one player in the top ten for points. Their goalie Greg Eagles hasn’t been helping much either with the 3rd worst SV% and GAA. I don’t know if this hot stint will hold long.


6. Minnesota Storm


                Minnesota has been falling in recent times. Losing to Mississauga, Halifax and Ottawa while barely managing victories over weaker teams like Las Vegas and Mexico. They are relying on their goalie Wendy Kandee Cain to hold them in games, which can only last so long. I see Minnesota falling in the future.


7. Halifax 21st


                Halifax has been underperforming and hasn’t been able to keep a hot streak long. With recent losses to Mexico, Saskatoon and Mississauga and a blow out loss to Phillidelphia, I expect them to drop in the standings. Despite this, they have four players in the top 15 for points. Their goaltending seems to be the issues as Thorvald Gunnarsson has the 2nd worst SV%.


8. Mexico City Kings


                Mexico is in an interesting situation, they are 2-2 against top 3 teams but are also 2-2 against bottom 3 teams. They are playing a very defensive style of game and it shows when they are averaging just 16 shots per game. However, it is working somewhat as their goalie Wrike Chyrnoble is 1st in SV% and 2nd in GAA. Look for this to change as teams see Chyrnoble more and get used to his style.


9. Yukon Rush


                Yukon has done the unthinkable recently and beat Philadelphia 2-0 and Mexico 2-1. But otherwise they have lost every game by about a two-goal margin. While not the worst team in the league, I don’t expect them to get good any time soon. Even with their strong goalie Justin Cole holding them together.


10. Las Vegas Aces


                Las Vegas has had a little luck recently, upsetting Mexico 4-3. They have the 2nd place point scorer in Emil Passerelli but this is likely due to him being the only one who can do anything. Their goalie is a soft spot as Virgil Ligriv holds the worst SV% and GAA by a solid margin. Their backup goalie Luke Derion would hold second worst in both categories as well if he was eligible. They’ve already started selling.


11. Houston Bulls


                Zero wins, three points. Two players in the top 50 for points, traded both of them away. Arguably the worst goalie in the league. This team is like their logo; on fire and burning away. Look for a Moscow Menace-esque season from them.

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