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Joel Ylonen "Overjoyed" to be "Less Trash" than Jerry Garcia This Season

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NEW YORK--New York! If I can make it there, I'll make it least, that's what Joel Ylonen thought a couple seasons back when he was picked third overall by the Americans. The Finnish playmaker has since done all but make it anywhere though--putting up the assists, though not nearly at the rate that was expected of him. While previous seasons have shown that the forward is capable of not doing much on the stat sheet (in Ylonen's rookie season, he had a plus-minus rating of -20, whilst shooting the puck 235 times and only scoring on 18, giving opposing goalies a .923 save percentage), this one still shows Ylonen's not-living-up-to-expectations-ness, and is arguably his worst--his shooting percentage has climbed, somewhat, to around 8.2%, he's on pace for a career low in points, and he's also on pace to lower his physicality by a factor of ten, on pace for eight hits compared to his rookie season's 81, all the while he's set to rack up double his career high in penalty minutes. There's one player this season, though, who's had some trouble living up to expectations, and that's rookie defenseman Jerry Garcia, the Malmo Nighthawks' first-ever draft choice at #7 overall.


Garcia had 238 hits last season in the VHLM, and he's on pace to cut that roughly in half this season. His points have lowered somewhat--scoring twice this season compared to five times last season, and on pace to just about match his assist total in Houston, with 24 at the moment compared to 28 last season. He's actually picked up more blocked shots already--132 at the moment, and 110 in the minors, and, wait a second...he's done pretty much the same stuff, actually. I've just been thinking he was trash this whole time. No joke, I wrote all of the above and then planned to follow it up with an explanation of why Garcia's been more trash, but never mind.


@Esso2264 I'm sorry.


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