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Matthew Materazo re-signs with Malmo


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Once Materazo entered the VHL, he planned to test free agency at the end of his ELC. While the plan was never to actually leave his team, he wanted to test the market to see what's up. When he was foolishly left open in the expansion draft, he held that same stance with Malmo. He wanted to test free agency. He still wanted to re-sign with Malmo, but the desire to be a UFA was pretty enticing.


Honestly, I still think it would be cool to test free agency, but I love Malmo. It is so awesome to a be apart of a new expansion franchise, and it is even cooler to be one of the top guys on the team (even though my stats don't reflect that) My decision to re-sign with Malmo was extremely easy, and I am very excited to be on this team and contend for years to come. Our LR is great and all the people in it are great people. Our GM is also one of the best this league has to offer. His work with the New York Americans was something to behold, and the way he communicates with the team when it comes to trades, draft picks and free agency really makes it feel like he is a GM of the people. In the end our opinions probably hold little weight but it is still great to have the whole team put their opinions on certain trades and draft picks.


I am hype for the future in Malmo. I am excited to compete with Moscow in the future, and hope to bring some continental cups back to Sweden!

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