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Bjoernsson Finds Ultimate Success in Second Season


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Season 65 in the VHLM saw the arrival of Icelandic goaltender Kolur Bjoernsson, who signed undrafted with the Minnesota Storm. Over the course of that season, Bjoernsson was traded twice and spent a large amount of time starting for the lowly Philadelphia Reapers where he faced a constant onslaught of shots in every game. He put in his time and desperately tried to show what he could do, and ended up ending the season with the Las Vegas Aces as they attempted to make a push for the cup. Bjoernsson started between the pipes for the Aces in those playoffs, but they were unable to make the run they wanted to. 


With that, Bjoernsson looked ahead to the S66 VHLM entry draft. He watched as he slid all the way down to the very last pick of the draft, when he was finally taken by the suddenly strong Reapers. Finally a clear starter on a strong team, Bjoernsson came into the season with one intention... to dominate. Starting 67 games, Bjoernsson posted a record of 52-11-4. He led the league with 9 shutouts, and finished with a save percentage of 0.909. His truly dominant stat was his 1.81 goals allowed average, which did not even reach 2 throughout the whole season. 


A favorite to win the cup, Bjoernsson didn't slow down heading into the playoffs. He went 12-2-0 with a save percentage of 0.907 and a goals allowed average of 2.23 as the Reapers won the Founders Cup in 5 games.

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