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S67 FUTURES Scouting V.1


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On Friday night, the VHL’s Moscow Menace stunned the Barclay’s Center by winning the Draft Lottery for the second consecutive night. From that moment, the Menace were essentially on the clock, busying their draft boards and meeting with scouts to assign value accordingly to the top of their list


And then they traded it, as many pundits expected. While teams scramble for draft capital, many of the contending draftees for a top five pick are left waiting for their brief moment in the spotlight. At SSN FUTURES, we strive to shine the spotlight on them far before draft night, and today we’re proud to release our first volume of VHL FUTURES!


For many followers of the sport, Season 67 for the VHLM is being considered the most competitive season in league history. With eight teams contending for much of the year, as many teams as has been in the VHLM prior to expansion this year, there has never been more competition and intrigue within the league.


Atop that intrigue has been San Diego Center, Phil Marleau. The 5th selection in last years VHLM Draft has an up and down year, finishing with 65 points and just +18 on the season. That type of season has some pundits shaky on their assessment of the massive Marleau, however, many experts believe it’s a shell of the potential Marleau has shown on the ice for the Marlins. Marleau’s elite blend of scoring and defense make him a clear cut contender for the #1 overall pick in a little under a week.


On the opposite spectrum sits Aston Martin. Last seasons 13th overall pick in the VHLM draft has far exceeded expectations, posting an incredible +51 on the year. That number places him second in the entire league, behind Philadelphia’s Duncan Jeffers and the highest ranked player of any player not drafted by a professional team. His 100 points was also most by any amateur and placed him fifth in the league. Martin’s a fast riser and contender for a top pick.


Take a look at our S67 VHL FUTURES Draft Rankings!

And if you're enjoying the VHL's affiliate partnership, be sure to subscribe to NEXT GEN, the new age of sim league sports scouting.

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