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Michael Johnson's Journals: Gearing Up for Draft [2/2]


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June 29, 2019:


My journey in the VHLM is coming to an end as a player. Earlier this week, I was appointed as the Assistant General Manager of Halifax. So, while my journey as a player in the VHLM is ending, its my time to start a new journey in the management team. It was announced the other day that I would be replacing Acyd Burn as he is taking up a General Manager role in Ottawa. I'm honoured that I was even considered for the position. I'm also super proud for one of my best friends is getting the job up in Ottawa. Anyways, I called my parents and informed them of the new position I'm taking in Halifax and they were actually very worried about my work-life balance. They mentioned that my lifestyle as an athlete was already difficult as is, now taking on the role in management on top of maintaining my previous lifestyle.


It was tough, this past season as a goalie. A thought most people haven't had is that goalies only have 1 spot, we don't take shifts in games. We're fighting for our spot. Currently, in some draft rankings, I'm in the top 5 for goalies and I didn't get more starts over my counterpart. In fact, deservedly, he deserved splitting the starts with me. He's also in the top 5 for goalies. We were both fighting for our place, we were both deserving of our opportunity. This is the problem with a position that only has 1 player for it, you have to really show you deserve it otherwise you don't get to play at all. You make one mistake and that could be the reason you don't play. I say this as if it's not something I expected coming in here. I knew I had to pour everything into myself to even play for Halifax. I'm just glad I got to and I'm proud to say I learned a lot this season.


I statistically didn't play well at all this season. I'm not proud of how I played at all, granted this is the first year I played in a mens league. I've always been playing in youth leagues and it was a breeze. However, this was another level of play completely. I had never been hit by a player before, well at least that hard. I'm just not proud of my self really. I think I could've played 10x better than what I did. I didn't get across fast enough, I didn't make myself big enough on certain shots. I'm just, ugh, idk. I believe in myself. Sometimes we have down years. I got this, I'm ready for the team thats going to draft me. I'm ready to take on the VHL. Fine, I didn't have the best of seasons, but I am going to be better and I'm going to make sure of it. I'm going to make sure that whoever drafts me will be proud of me.


This won't break me.

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Review : Nicely written from a first persons perspective. Always great to see that players actually roleplay in their characters. It will be nice to see this continue during your journey in the VHL. Hope you will have a nice career and that you will make it into a undisputed number 1 so you wont have to share time outside of the guaranteed backup starts.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Michael Johnson's Journals: Gearing Up for Draft [2/2]

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