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The brother of former hockey player Keith Harris is officially becoming a professional hockey player. He does not look to enter the current class but the next one. His brother lost motivation in hockey and is now playing his first sport baseball, but Keith is ready to become a really good player. During his year off he is going to be training exclusively with top trainers so he can come in and dominate. He is very ready to work to gain what he wants and show hockey fans what the Harris family is really all about. Unlike his brother who was focused on scoring mostly, Keith will be a really good passer, defender, and he will get a lot of hits. His plan was to wait a year at first but he decided to start this year after being inspired by two people. So world get ready for Keith. Right now he does not have any teams in interest and he knows that he messed up his stock but gm’s know that Harris will be good. Players have created at this time before and still be good. I am very excited for his career unlike Josh he will not retire. Peace.

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